Things You Would Like to Know About Working in TCS as a Fresher

Working in TCS as a Fresher

Friends, we all know that Tata Consultancy Service is a company that is associated with the field of information technology, is considered a giant in the IT industry of Indian and the world’s market.

In today’s time, this company is providing its services in nearly 50 countries around the world and it has become a multinational brand name around the globe especially in the IT sector.

The most notable feature of TCS is that all types of engineers can get easily placed with a good amount of package in this company and this is the main reason why in today’s time, so many freshers prefer to start their careers with this organization only.

But, as we all know, TCS is a very massive company and that’s why it is quite understandable that people may have some kinds of misconceptions about a variety of subjects, including job profiles and salary growth about the same company.

That is the main reason why we will discuss a few of the aspects of TCS Joining that you may not have read before. 

But the best thing about all of these factors is that it can literally help you before you join the same company and this is the reason why we are requesting you to kindly read this article till the end. 

Benefits of Working in TCS as a Fresher

(1) Work Directly with Clients

As we’ve already stated that Tata Consultancy Service is a very huge company providing services to the massive numbers of clients in today’s time.

In this case when you join the same organization then you may be offered the opportunity to work directly with the client once your official training period gets over in the organization.

If you’ve ever visited SBI or any other government bank, you’ve probably noticed that many TCS personnel work there. Despite the fact that they worked in a bank, their salary is exclusively paid by the TCS company. 

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Working directly with the specific client will provide you an advantage in that you will have the opportunity to collaborate with people from other industries and learn about a number of other software and systems and this thing can definitely going to help you in getting employed with a reputable company in the future for sure. 

(2) High Amount of a Joining Bonus

Another unique feature of TCS is that it offers a significant joining bonus to both fresher and experienced employees.

If you are a fresher then the company will offer you a joining bonus of up to 70000 Indian rupees, and if you are an experienced employee, you may easily claim a joining bonus of more than one lakh rupees very easily. 

However, you should be aware that TCS does not provide a joining bonus to all employees, and that special thing about the same is that in fact, they have to pass out the examination test to gain this benefit from TCS. 

Following the completion of this test, the amount of joining Bonus is decided based on their results. Many times this amount becomes a plus of 1 lakh in the story of the fresher itself.

When it comes to joining bonus for the experienced Employees, Then there might be a situation happens that there may be a huge gap between an employee’s expected salary and the salary offered by the company, and to bridge the gap of that amount a huge amount is paid as a joining bonus to the same employee. 

(3) Security of Job but not a rapid growth in career

TCS is also unique in that it perceives its employees to be long-term collaborators, retaining them for extended periods of time and this is the main reason why TCS’s employees enjoy a positive correlation with job security.

If you are someone who does not have the flexibility of changing jobs frequently and prefers to stay with the same organization for a longer period then TCS can become the most suitable option for you. 

However, in addition to the abovementioned job security at the same organization, you must also be aware of the fact that you will see very limited income and post-employment growth in this company in comparison to other organizations. 

In fact, the real truth is that despite working exceptionally well for more than five years at TCS, many employees are unable to make 50000 per month, and this is considered a huge drawback of the same organization. 

TCS will never be a feasible alternative for you if you truly want to succeed in your profession from the beginning and progress rapidly. It is preferable that you join a new startup rather than joining TCS so that you can easily make more than 1 lakh rupees per month in the future.

(4) Skill Matters a Most

You’ll be shocked to know that TCS, despite being associated with the sector of information technology, employs almost all kinds of engineers from the nation.

If you glance at the educational backgrounds of TCS employees, you’ll notice that their core engineering branches may be mechanical, electronics, software, computers, and practically every other discipline.

One of the reasons for this is that the organization provides services to businesses in various industries and that is the main reason why engineers are hired from every discipline to work in a specific sector.

One of the most important features of TCS is that after employing engineers from all branches the company trains them in every way possible, and they undergo such training in the first few years that they do not take much time to become industry experts.

That is why we always recommend that you begin your career with TCS if you truly want to learn a wide range of skills in the early years of your professional career. 

Final Conclusion on Working in TCS as a Fresher

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