What is the Actual Reality of Work Pressure in Byju’s?

Work Pressure in Byju’s

Friends, we all know that in today’s time Byju’s is a leading company in the business of online education in India and there is a huge number of employees are working in the sales and marketing sector of this organization.

In reality, the job profile of Byju’s Business Development Associate (BDA) and Product Specialist is quite popular among the youth of India because it is very high-paying employment and a fresher may also earn more than 50 thousand rupees per month from here very easily.

Byju’s business has grown significantly ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has been rolled out. This is the main reason why the company is now hiring huge numbers of salesmen who are also known as Business Development Associate.

However, before you apply for this job, you should be aware that the job profile of Business Development Associate is regarded to be an extremely pressurized job profile and that’s why many younger folks do not survive due to the work pressure of this job.

If you search on the internet in today’s time then you will find more bad reviews than positive reviews regarding Byju’s BDA job profile on numerous popular websites, however, this is not entirely true.

Today, we will try to provide you with some very significant facts about Byju’s job profile’s informal work pressure through this deeply researched article. 

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Byju’s Job Work Pressure

See, before joining Byju’s, it is vital to comprehend that the company’s major revenue stream is revenue generated through the sales of its courses. 

And this is the main reason why the company has also designed a job profile called Business Development Associate. 

The primary responsibility of the person doing the job of BDA is to convince parents and students to enroll in courses, and as a result, this job profile is classified as sales and marketing.

If you’ve ever worked in a sales or marketing-related job profile then you’ll probably understand that how much pressure is put on an employee in this type of employment just because he has to sell the maximum numbers of products of the company every month.

And, similar to the Sales & Marketing job profile, Byju’s also has a similar kind of job profile named Business Development Associate where employees have to encounter the same degree of pressure. 

We’ve seen that in many sales-related jobs, the employee is not paid much, and their main source of monthly income is mainly dependent upon the incentives.

However, Byju’s company has given its employees a lot of flexibility in this situation because an employee is given a monthly fixed pay of more than 30000 and if the course is sold, an incentive is also given to that person in addition to the monthly salary.

If a company pays you more than 30,000 rupees per month along with the incentives then it is your responsibility to be very dedicated to the job of that company.

And if you really want to secure a commendable position in the same organization then you have to work really very hard and also have to produce maximum sales.

Most people who write negative reviews about the job profile of sales are either too lazy or are unable to do their work properly, and as a result, they do not meet their targets and at the end of the day, they either quit the same job profile or are fired from the company due to poor performance.

Final Conclusion on Work Pressure in Byju’s

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