Meet Amazing Entrepreneur Sofia Overton -Biography?

Sofia Overton -Biography

What age were you when you first considered starting your own business or starting something you own that can generate multiple streams of income for you?

The truth is that most of us begin our business careers after completing our basic and formal education, which is perfectly normal.

But, as we all know, there are some extraordinary people in the world who are so enthusiastic about their startups that they begin their journey at a young age and become successful, and we can easily include Sofie Overton of the United States in this list.

Sofie Overton is a truly exceptional young lady who created new socks with a pocket to hold essential things such as cell phones or tablets while playing a sport or conducting other work activities. We can say that this is a unique invention, which is why we refer to her as a special talent on a frequent basis.

Well, here in this article, we are going to share some important information related to Sofie Overton and her journey so far from nothing to becoming a very young entrepreneur in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article, till the end.

Sofie Overton Biography

Well, Sofie Overton is someone whom we can reckon as a 13-year old entrepreneur and founder of the Wise Pocket Products which are quite popular amongst the people of the USA and especially between the kids as all the products are quite amazing as per the review received from various sources.

Actually, she got immense fame when she appeared on one popular reality television show named Shark Tank and amazed judges with her brilliant business ideas and eventually ended up winning a handsome amount of deals for her company named Wise Pocket Products.

Actually, Sofia’s journey started in a very exciting mode. In fact, when Sofia was 11 years old, she noticed that one of her cousins ​​was finding it difficult to put her phone in her pocket while playing a game and that’s when the idea came to her mind to make a pocket in the socks and she soon followed that idea and started working on it.

In fact, according to Sofia’s saying, she wanted to make the lives of the kids around her a little better and in such a situation she could not find any other better option than to make pockets in the socks.

Well, Our team has found some creative Ideas from Sofia Overton’s website and listed some important lines here below. Hope you will also like this.

I created my first prototype by adding a wisely placed inside pocket at the top of  the sock (that was big enough to hold my phone), and it worked great! But, I don’t plan on stopping there and am currently developing leggings with a wise pocket too!

There are lots of active kids like me that need a safe and stylish way to not only store their phones but other important items like epi pens or inhalers! There are also so many kids across the country that are in need, with 627 kids considered homeless in my school district alone! This is why our products give our buyers a chance to change the world one pair of socks at a time with us!

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