Why Unacademy is Better than Byjus? - Unacademy vs Byjus for UPSC

Why Unacademy is Better than Byjus? – Unacademy vs Byjus for UPSC

Unacademy vs Byjus for UPSC

Friends, we all know that UPSC is India’s biggest and the most competitive examination and many aspirants work hard to pass it still only about 3% of those who appear in it get successful results and can become IAS or IPS in the long run.

Because the UPSC exam is so difficult and competitive, students may have to lose their position even by 1 or 2 marks and that is the reason why aspirants put their maximum efforts to pass this examination. 

Many folks claim that you can never pass the UPSC exam by self-studying since you need to come to a reasonable methodology and will need a mentor and that’s why you must have to attend coaching classes as well as the service of the personal mentor. But I do not believe this to be true because if you are talented, you can easily crack any kind of competitive exam.

Covid-19 Effect on Exam Preparation and Online Education.

Friends, we all know that due to the Corona pandemic, everyone’s life has been disrupted in today’s time, and the vast majority of the people are currently experiencing scenarios similar to Lockdown till now and they also feel the bound of not to go outside their respective house due to Government’s rules and regulations. 

Why Unacademy is Better than Byjus? - Unacademy vs Byjus for UPSC

However, the industry of online education is growing in India today and that is the foremost reason why students studying for competitive examinations such as UPSC and NEET are benefiting from virtual live classrooms, and the names Unacademy and Byjus are becoming quite popular in India’s online education sector. Right now, both companies are ruling in the sector of Indian online education. 

At this moment, both Unacademy and Bijus have launched their own courses for the preparation of UPSC competitive exams, rendering students bewildered as to which platform should be chosen for competitive exam preparation. However, this article will endeavor to provide you with comprehensive information about Unacademy vs Byjus UPSC Course.

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Unacademy vs Byjus UPSC Course: Unbiased Comparison

(1) Course Fees

Friends, if seen, Unacademy is currently the best online education platform in India, but even if you compare the fees of UPSC courses of Unacademy and Byjus, then you will come to know that there is a huge difference between the fees of both Byjus and Unacademy. The courses offered for the UPSC by the Unacademy’s platform is much cheaper than Byjus’s Online education platform.

The maximum courses offered by Unacademy are easily accessible in the range of 10,000, whereas the same types of courses offered by Byjus said you should pay more than 50,000, even though Byjus provides you with a tablet, study materials, and a student kit and although it also offers several amenities such as a bags and a personal mentor, I will still prefer to choose Unacademy for online UPSC preparation.

Why Unacademy is Better than Byjus? - Unacademy vs Byjus for UPSC

(2) Quality of Education

If we examine both platforms, we can confidently state that both the online educational platforms are best when it comes to education quality because the best educators in the country teach on both, which is why comparing the two platforms in terms of education quality is a complete waste of time.

Always keep in mind that both the online education sector is the best platforms of India and that is the reason why both the platforms are ruling right now.

However, it is also true that the original intention of the Byjus’s Inauguration was to teach students from classes of 4th to 12th, but we all know that the number of individuals studying for competitive exams in India has skyrocketed in recent years. As a result, Byjus has also entered the UPSC realm, alongside Unacademy.

However, I feel that Byjus will have to work hard to compete with Unacademy, particularly in the sector of UPSC coaching, because educators who teach on the Unacademy platform are better credentialed than educators who teach on the Byjus’s platform and that is the prime reason why I will definitely try to push Unacademy in terms of UPSC education. 

(3) Educational Format

When it comes to the study format of both online educational platforms then when you join the course of Byjus, you are given a tablet with which you can easily watch pre-recorded video lectures, but if you have any doubts, the platform of Byjus takes about 3 to 4 hours to solve your doubt, which in my opinion is considered as a lagging indicator.

On the other hand, when it comes to Unacademy, we all know that Unacademy prioritizes live class interaction above pre-recorded lectures, and as a result, Unacademy distinguishes out in comparison to Byjus.

Better, I believe that seeing a pre-recorded video is not preferable in comparison to watching a live online class video because all your doubts can be solved very easily due to the help of the live lectures and it also can be very helpful in your exams preparations. 

Final Conclusion on Unacademy vs Byjus UPSC Course

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