Why Sandalwood is So Expensive?

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods on the planet, but it’s only one part of a sandalwood log that makes it so valuable.

To get to it, these men work tirelessly to remove the lighter outer layer of sapwood until they’re left with this dark inner core, which is why a kilogram of Indian sandalwood costs $200 today.

This is where sandalwood’s unique fragrance comes from, and when it’s distilled, it’s used in everything from bath soaps to high-end cosmetics.

Although a machine helps split sandalwood into more manageable pieces, factories can purchase pure heartwood like judge local or raw sandalwood logs, but if they buy the raw wood, they’ll need to break down each log themselves.

Stripping the logs down to their heartwood core requires the effort of several employees. It’s a completely manual process and a physically demanding process. These men chop each log to remove the sapwood, the non-fragrant portion of the tree.

In other trees, the heartwood and sapwood mix, affecting the oil’s final value. This brown portion is altered, and this white portion is sapwood, so it’s a mix of both although and sapwood, which is why it’s called mixed wood.

It’s of slightly lower quality in terms of sandalwood dial contents. After personnel has gathered all they can, a machine shreds the strips of wood into chips, which employees sift through to find any useable parts.

India used to dominate the market for sandalwood oil and oil-based products but in recent years Australia which grows both the Indian and Australian sandalwood species has gained significant ground in the market although this might look like a lot of sandalwood India is actually facing a supply shortage in fact the supply is so limited that this sandalwood distillery only operated for about four months in 2021.

Final Conclusion on Why Sandalwood is So Expensive

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