Why No Flag In This World is Purple?

Did you know that there is one hue that you will never see on a flag anywhere in the world? Purple national flags aren’t purple, but why don’t I take you on a journey around the world to learn the truth about flags that their governments don’t want you to know about?

When you see your country’s flag during a world cup or the Olympics, you start syncing your anthem with your friends and you start feeling really proud because your country’s flag is distinctive and signifies something special to you.

For example, in Brazil, the flag resembles the nation; it is green to represent the rainforest, yellow to represent the gold, and blue to represent the sky. The colors of the French flag signify the country’s values: blue, white, and red for freedom, equality, and fraternity, or liberty egalite.

Why No Flag In This World is Purple?

Indeed, that flag and those ideas were so famous that many countries began to imitate them. Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Mexico, and a number of other countries have three stripes.

Similarly, because Ethiopia was the country that fought the invaders the hardest, its flag had a tremendous influence throughout Africa.

Another prominent flag is the American flag, which Liberia essentially imitated because it was created by freed slaves from the United States. Brazil had a flag similar to this as well, but it only lasted four days.

Arab countries like Algeria and Tunisia prefer to go with the crescent moon of Islam to pay tribute to their Muslim roots.

likewise in the land of the Vikings, they’re all having crosses on their flags because they’re mostly Christians, and that flag in Denmark is said to be over 800 years old making it the oldest in the world.

Also, did you notice that all flags are rectangles except for three the Vatican flag and Switzerland’s flag are squares while Nepal’s looks like this no matter where you go the one color?

You will not find it on any flag is purple because not so long ago the only way to get some purple was from a tiny sea snail that you could only find in one small region of Lebanon It took nearly 10,000 snails to make one gram of purple, so no country could afford to cover the entire flag with it.

Your country’s flag is an important part of who you are and your culture, and the great thing about it is that no matter where you go in the world, you’ll always feel a little closer to home when you see it.

Final Conclusion on Why No Flag In This World is Purple

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