Hidden Story Of Netflix ? Why Netflix is Losing Subscribers?

Inside San Francisco City, America, on September 7, 1927, The first black-and-white electric television in the world is turned on. Following it, several technical advancements occurred.

We progressed from black-and-white television to color television, then digital television, and finally to Smart television. The irony is that today’s smartphones have replaced even televisions.

In the year 2000, when yahoo’s valuation reached 125 billion dollars, did anyone think that Google would one day swallow yahoo and Kodak? At one time, people thought that camera meant Kodak camera meant camera with reel, but today there is neither a reel camera nor the name of Kodak anywhere.

Netflix is the company that once ruled Ott’s world. Today that company has lost 2 lakh subscribers in just 3 months. What mistake did Netflix do that today people are running away from that company? Today Netflix is ​​deteriorating badly.

Neither new people want to subscribe to Netflix And those who are already sitting subscribed, are also leaving the platform. The company that gave birth to Ott, people are not even asking that company today. but why is it After all that is the fault of Netflix? most importantly, what are the powerful business lessons Learned from this case study and implement in your business?

What is the Exact Story?

so this story starts in 1997 when Rational Software acquires a corporation called Atria for $700 million Which was the biggest acquisition of that time in the year 1991.

In the United States, if your proposal has been properly tested, you may acquire funding, while this is not the case in India, and this marketing game is known as Inspiring Sudo Story Many individuals in India portray Netflix’s tale in this light. What fine was placed on a person who built a $170 billion company?

And curiously, you can do this job too, come on, you can do it, but no one tells you that Reed Hastings was already a computer scientist with a strong mathematization background. In addition, he was the founder of a multimillion-dollar business. And when he founded Netflix, he already had $2.5 million, which was a lot of money in 1997. The same applies to Elon Musk, People say that they work 8200 hours, and to save that time, he only sleeps in his office.

Prior to the year 2000, Netflix focused on DVD rental services. That is, you receive the DVD, view it, and then mail it back. Netflix, on the other hand, has faced stiff competition from blockbusters since 1997. With 3.91 billion dollars in sales and over 6000 locations across the world, Blockbuster was already a major player.

However, there was a serious problem in the blockbuster revenue model. Blockbuster’s 16 percent revenue used to be derived solely from late fees. As a result, the majority of individuals were extremely dissatisfied with the movie.

They were scared that if they stole the DVD, it might be delayed by accident. As a result, there will be a late fee. And Netflix has capitalized on the absence of Blockbuster as a competitive advantage. Netflix was founded in 1999.

Final Conclusion on Why Netflix is Losing Subscribers?

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