Why Mumbai is Always Under Construction?

We all are literally very familiar with Mumbai’s traffic, which is the worst as it’s really a nightmare because Bombay is just too packed.

In reality, it is the world’s fifth-most crowded city, and I recently discovered that we squander 11 days a year simply complaining about traffic.

One of the factors that add to being trapped in traffic is the constant construction. I mean, why is it that every time you leave your house, whether you’re in Bandra, South Bombay, or Andheri, you’ll encounter traffic all over the place with barricades and roads under construction? Drainage cleaning flyovers are being constructed at random.

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Mumbai is Always Under Construction?

Mumbai has been a city packed with building multi-crew infrastructure projects that promise to ease traffic wars have actually taken over the city and, to be honest, rendered commuting in the city extremely impossible due to delays in these projects.

According to the Tomtom Travel Index, Mumbai had the most congested traffic in India in 2021. It had and still has the highest amount of traffic congestion in India, at 53%.

For the most part, whether you’re heading to work, the gym, or a restaurant, you’re delayed in traffic. It’s a running joke in Bombay that if you want to get somewhere, you should leave at least an hour earlier.

Metro Construction is the Main Problem?

In 2008, work on the first Mumbai metro station began. Since then, only 46 kilometers of operational metro lines have been built in Mumbai in 14 years. If you do the math, that’s just three kilometers every year.

Many metro lines should have been done by now, but they’re still being built. I understand that it was a pandemic, but it would be incorrect to blame the pandemic for this one; the metro has actually suffered greatly as a result of legal issues, a lack of proper planning, and politics.

For example, construction of metro line 3 began in 2017, but the authorities have yet to complete it, despite the fact that it is slated to commence in 2022.

Apart from the Mumbai metro, other projects such as the Santa Cruz Chamber Link Road Extension and the Coastal Road Project have been delayed, and as a result, certain areas of the city are always crowded with traffic.

Not only that, but because construction is taking on on all sides of the road, it’s becoming increasingly impossible to walk on them.

So far, we’ve talked about the metro, but there are other things like municipal corporations’ road repairs, drainage cleaning, water pipeline, and stormwater drainage work, which is done almost every year and, for some reason, always coincides with festivals like Diwali and Christmas.

Final Conclusion on Why Mumbai is Always Under Construction

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