Why Mining Engineering is Underrated in India?

Mining Engineering is indeed one of the greatest branches of engineering. As we all know that mining engineering is all about extracting minerals from the crust of the earth for the benefit of mankind.

I have seen many mining engineers working in Top Multi-National Companies and earning in Lakhs.

However, still mining engineering is considered as not so good branch of engineering comparing to the other branches. Let’s find out the main reason why mining engineering is underrated in India.

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Mining Engineering is Underrated

Although we all know that mining engineering is the branch associated with the extraction of valuable minerals from the crust of the earth, still many people are actually unaware of the actual process of the mineral extraction and they all are spreading many myths about this industry without having a piece of proper knowledge.

Many parents think that mining only means digging the land and here the engineer has to work as a labor. . Perhaps that’s why they do not allow their children to choose this branch.

Mining Engineering is Underrated

However, as a mining engineer, I can assure you that the mining branch is more than digging the land only. You will definitely find different kinds of vibes while working as a mining engineer.

In India, maximum people just want to work peacefully for a lifetime without giving many efforts. That’s why they choose their career as office working guys only.

This mentality is the reason why Indians are not moving to one of the most high-paying branches of engineering like mining. Because in mining you really have to work hard.

Remote locations of work are also one of the reasons why people afraid to choose mining engineering as their streamlined career option. Sometimes the basic facilities are also not available in mining mines.

Why to choose mining engineering as a career?

You will do some thing different from all others

As we all know that mining engineering is the branch that is related to extracting minerals from the crust of the earth. One has to work really very hard as a mining engineer to give the best output to his/her company.

Not everyone has a gut to become a mining engineer, If you are working as a mining engineer then you must have a bigger heart as you have chosen one of the most difficult career paths for your future.

Suppose if you are not so familiars with computers and do not want to work against the same kind of office and same computer screen for the rest of your life then mining engineering can be the best choice for you. You definitely feel a different kind of vibe when you are working as a mining engineer.

Competition is very low

Unlike other engineering branches like computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering the competition rate is quite low in mining engineering. You can easily get a job in any private company within a short period of time after completing your engineering graduation.

Believe me or not but mining engineer’s starting package is more than what a CSE engineer gets after serving for more than 5 years in any company.

If you are fascinated by government jobs and want to serve as a government employee then also the competition is very low in this sector. If you are dedicated enough for 6-8 months in your academic preparation then you can easily crack all the competitive exams of the mining sector.

Why to choose mining engineering as your future career

Pay Scale is literally very high

The best part about the mining industry is its remuneration scale. If you are working in a government company then you can easily earn up to 30k easily working as a mining engineer. The pay scale maybe some little for the private company.

But just think, rather than doing a job of 10k after completing the engineering graduation is enough for you? For your kind information, I want to clear your mind that most CSE and mechanical engineers work for less than 10k during the initial year of their career.

The pay scale will be very high once you promoted as a manager from the post of engineer. Suppose if you are a second-class mining engineer then you will be paid more than 60k in any government or private companies easily.

Final words on Why Mining Engineering is Underrated in India?

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