Why London is Terribly Designed?

London was named the most congested city in the world in 2021, beating Paris, Brussels, New York, Mumbai, and New Delhi, and this is due to poor planning.

Londoners waste an average of 148 hours per year going through the city because traffic is excruciatingly slow, as the city’s average speed in 2018 clearly demonstrates.

Guess what the average speed in London is: 40 kilometers per hour, 30 kilometers per hour, or perhaps 20 kilometers per hour.

Well, if you guessed any of those numbers, you’d be way off because I clocked in at less than 12 kilometers per hour. That’s ridiculous, and it’s not like London hasn’t tried to do something about it.

The city introduced congestion fees over 19 years ago, which were fees you paid to run a vehicle in the city, but the only thing these fees got rid of were private vehicles, which you might think is a good thing because only 37 of the cars currently in London are private.

Why London is Terribly Designed?

Poor Planning is the Main Reason

This would be true if you had fantastic public transportation and a well-planned city, but that isn’t the case in London, so what happens when people can’t afford private automobiles and public transportation isn’t a reliable option? I

t’s easy; it enables alternate modes of transportation to fill in the gaps, so suddenly the streets are clogged with taxis, ride-share cars, delivery vans, and buses.

The difficulties did not get fixed; instead, they grew worse, as has been the case with many of London’s projects and concepts; a good example is the ambitious and costly Crossrail Elizabeth line. 

This new line will connect commuters to their destinations faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. It will go from reading and Heathrow in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Woods in the east, without the need to change trains.

It will save 31 current stations and build ten new ones with cutting-edge designs. If you look at the map, you can see how commuters will have quick access to numerous points via the new Paddington Bone Street, Tottingham Court Road, and Farringdon.

Slow Transportation System

London has one of the most iconic and recognizable buses in the world amazingly though people aren’t really using them so why is that well the average bus speed in traffic might have something to do with it.

Despite the fact that London has some of the most iconic and recognizable buses in the world, few people use them.

The fact that buses in London go at an average speed of 6 kilometers per hour may have something to do with it. That is walking speed, but the reason it is so slow is due to the average speed of other cars on the road.

This speed is actually really very poor and this is because of improper planning of the London City.

Final Conclusion on Why London is Terribly Designed

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