Why I Hate Free Things?

no cost I despise getting things for free. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t like free, and it’s all because of something that happened to me two years ago when I went a little crazy and decided to buy two apartments together, one in Israel and one in Palestine.

He’s got a bad attitude today because he finally got an apartment at the age of 26. The concept was simple: I would give this apartment away for free to anyone who wanted to visit and observe two countries at war, Israel and Palestine.

In this article, I will tell all of you Why I hate Free Things? In case, if you really want to extract some valuable information from it then kindly read this article till the end.

Why I Hate Free Things?

People began to cancel at the last minute because their plans had changed and they no longer wanted to stay at the flat. 100% of the bookings were free, and 50% of them were canceled, which is the cost of free.

We don’t value items we obtain for free, therefore we readily discard them. This isn’t just a problem in my flat; it’s a problem all around the world. If we receive clothing for free, we discard it; if we receive things for free, we do not use them.

We do not value-free education; I know I do not value my free Harvard education, on the other hand. We place a high value on the things we pay for, which is why individuals take good care of their $3,000 Louie Vuitton bag not because it’s a bag but because it costs $3,000. 

This is also how entire countries are constructed; some governments recognize this problem and require residents to pay 5% for their education or 5% for their health care, rather than the money.

It’s only to make people and citizens appreciate what they get from the government because the aegis is completely free. This is merely a story about two flats I tried in Israel and Palestine, but the lesson is far larger: there is no such thing as a free meal.

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Final Conclusion on Why I Hate Free Things?

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