Why Flowers Are So Cheap, And Who’s Paying The Price?

Almost all cut flowers sold in the United States are grown in Colombia, and it takes 80 000 people across the country to keep this vast industry running.

They only have 48 hours from the time they’re gathered to transport each bundle of fresh flowers to the United States; the job is fast-paced and repetitious, and their ability to pull it off keeps bouquets affordable in the United States, but what is the actual cost of this billion-dollar trade?

Colombia’s mild climate and short travel time to the United States make it an ideal location for growing flowers for the world’s largest import market.

To help other businesses compete with cocaine trafficking from South America, congress lowered taxes on legal imports from countries like Colombia. Within two decades, Colombian flower exports to the United States tripled in value.

Today, Colombia is the world’s second-largest flower producer. However, keeping up with American demand can be difficult, especially in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Nearly 70% of 270 Kenyan flower farm employees reported work-related musculoskeletal ailments in a research conducted in 2021. We’ve discovered that cutting, in addition to being repetitive, necessitates the application of force.

Anything above 5% of your maximum capability when done over a long period of time puts you at risk of contracting this disease. Is it possible to tell if a flower sold in the United States was grown on a farm that treats its workers well?

The flora Verde or FSF certification is the closest thing we have right now; it requires firms to fulfill labor and environmental criteria. When it comes to minimizing repetitive stress injuries, some flower farms are getting inventive.

Employees at riddle flowers have been certified for more than five years, and they get at least three stretching breaks every day as part of the company’s attempts to prevent injuries.

Final Conclusion on Why Flowers Are So Cheap

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