Why Europe Is Insanely Well Designed?

While the European Union is smaller than the United States, continental Europe has an area of 1.04 times that of the United States, thus we can refute the notion that the United States cannot be as well designed as Europe., simply is better designed, but if you’re an American, you might not understand why railroad tracks or public transportation, in general, are so important?.

Europe exemplifies why a primary focus on private transportation is so detrimental to a well-functioning transit system. Some of the world’s most congested cities are located in European countries, which do not appear prominently in worldwide rankings.

This is surprising information because you’d think that a country with a larger road network would have less traffic congestion. Given that the United States has invested a significant amount of time and money in its motorways, how come Europe is less congested while having fewer roads?

It all boils down to disincentivizing the use of automobiles and, more significantly, creating an appealing alternative. Europe achieves this by having both private and public transportation infrastructure, which the United States has as well, albeit to a lesser extent, but on top of that, Europe makes owning and using a car quite expensive, owing to hefty vehicle and gasoline taxes.

Why Europe Is Insanely Well Designed?

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have access to vehicles (about 91%) and gas is relatively inexpensive, nine percent of the population does not. What are the options for people who can’t buy a car?

I mean, public transportation isn’t always a choice or is simply too expensive for many. To make matters worse, you’ve now purposefully excluded folks who aren’t quite the wealthiest from society.

Some localities in the United States have actually eliminated public transportation to make place for more automobiles.

I’m not joking when I say that American streetcars, such as trams, have been dismantled to make space for larger highways, which is totally absurd commander to Oslo, Berlin, and Madrid, where debates are on the way to restrict or even exclude most cars from the city’s center underway to restrict or even exclude the majority of the population.

Better Parking Space and Locations

For 250 million cars, the United States has 2 billion parking spots or eight parking places per vehicle.

In Europe, there are roughly 250 million public parking places for 300 million automobiles, but to underscore the absurdity of this, the area dedicated to car parking in the United States is substantially larger than the area dedicated to housing people.

It’s hard to believe that people are being pushed out of American cities in order for authorities to make more parking spots.

This would simply not fly in the European Union, which has a whole program committed to better urban planning.

Between 2014 and 2020, the EU spent 115 billion euros to improve city design by making it smarter.

A city in the United States, such as Los Angeles or Phoenix, emits approximately six times more carbon into the atmosphere per capita than a city in Europe.

This is purely due to a lack of effective transportation solutions that save resources and allow people to move around efficiently, which is something that the majority of European citizens can do.

As a result of the European Union, the majority of Europe’s nations are members, which provides EU citizens with a number of benefits, including a free travel zone.

This is one of the EU’s most significant achievements, as it allows EU citizens to freely travel to and stay in other EU member states for up to three months. 

Final Conclusion on Why Europe Is Insanely Well Designed

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