Why does zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings?

Have you ever ordered food from Zomato?

If you have ordered food then you know very well that the delivery boys of Zomato always request you to give a good rating.

Have you ever thought about why they keep request us to do the same? Well, let’s try to understand this with the help of this article.

There are certain reasons why does Zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings from the customer. Let’s try to understand all the points one by one.

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(1) It will give them some financial benefits.

Do you know how much money Zomato delivery boys get for every order? If seen, no direct answer can be given to this matter.

Sometimes they get an amount as much as Rs 70-80 on an order and sometimes they even get less than 30rs per order.

Do you know that if you give 5 stars to the delivery boy of Zomato, then they are given 10 rupees more by Zomato?

We know that you may not know about this thing, but it is true. That’s why they keep asking you to give them a 5 star after every delivery is completed.

This is the most important and major reason why they always ask you for the favor of good ratings.

Higher ratings from the customers also help them to build a good portfolio for the future.

That’s why we request you that if you ever order food, do not forget to give 5 stars to its delivery boy. A single click by you means a lot to them. It can be very helpful to them.

Why does zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings?

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Why does zomato delivery boy always beg for good ratings?
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2. It helps them to get a maximum number of orders.

We all know that nowadays the Zomato company is increasing its staff to provide timely delivery. Because of this, you get to see many delivery boys in the same area.

Suppose if someday Zomato has fewer delivery orders than normal days then which delivery boy will it send for delivery?

That’s why Zomato calculates the average of their delivery boy’s rating in order to give rank to them.

In such a situation, Zomato’s intelligence system will choose the delivery boy who has higher ratings and reviews compared to others.

In this scenario, the delivery boy can earn a huge amount of money by delivering more numbers of orders compared to other delivery boys.

That’s why Zomato delivery boy always asks you for a better rating and reviews to sustain in the healthy market competition amongst others.

3. Less rating might impact negatively.

As we all know that Zomato is a customer-oriented company.

Customer’s review and ratings for the food quality and delivery boy is the main performance measurement criteria for them.

A happy customer is always viable for your business because it can bring another one for your business and Zomato knows these things very well.

Customer suggestions and ratings are most important for them.

If a customer gives a low rating to a delivery boy, it affects his portfolio and Zomato’s intelligence system notices it very well.

If the same thing happens again and again then it might have the chance that Zomato will fire that delivery boy from their company on a permanent basis.

That’s why positive ratings are much important for every food delivery boy.

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