Why Do Tacos Exist?

My favorite dish, tacos, should not exist according to the rules of physics, but physics isn’t particularly against these tortilla delicacies, thus neither you nor I should exist.

In fact, all of the matter, all of the things in our world shouldn’t exist. Fortunately, my favorite little particle, the neutrino, and presumably yours as well, exist.

It could be a key to figuring out why it works. Today we’re talking about what teeny-tiny neutrinos have to do with tacos and everything else in the cosmos.

To comprehend why the world exists, we must first comprehend the difference between matter and antimatter.

The mass of a particle and its anti-particle is the same, but all of their other quantum mechanical properties are inverted, such as electrons being negatively charged and positrons being positively charged.

Because attributes such as spin and momentum will be the polar opposite of their companion particles, if a particle and anti-particle collide, they will annihilate. Their energy and quantum physics allow them to transform into photons or other particles.

Why Do Tacos Exist?

Yes, there was most likely only one extra matter particle per million particle-antiparticle pairings at first, but that number grew over time.

It all piled up to atoms galaxies you and my tacos. Scientists are still trying to figure out why this world prefers matter to antimatter, but it appears to have something to do with a flaw in the cosmos’s fundamental symmetry.

In the domain of physics, symmetry can be found practically everywhere, yet something at the beginning of the universe shifted the balance in favor of matter.

The more asymmetry clues scientists can find at the most fundamental levels, the better. The more evidence we have about why there’s more matter than antimatter, the better.

In physics, there’s a law called cp symmetry, which states that if every particle in a system is the same, it’s termed a cp symmetry system which essentially means if every particle in the universe was replaced with its anti-particle and reflected in a mirror.

Antineutrinos, like neutrinos, can alter their appearance from red to blue to yellow, just as this ball can spin from red to blue to yellow.

If neutrinos follow the symmetry laws, antineutrinos should alter in the same way. However, recent studies have shown that neutrinos and antineutrinos may flavor shift in different ways, which is quite intriguing.

It could be yet more clue to whatever early cosmological imbalance resulted in all of the matter you see around you now, including your meal.

Final Conclusion on Why Do Tacos Exist?

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