Why Do Gujarati Students Don’t Prepare for IAS Examination?

The UPSC is, as we all know, one of the most prestigious and toughest competitive examinations ever.

After passing this examination, one may qualify for positions such as IAS, IPS, and IFS, which is one of the key reasons why young Indians are so enthusiastic about it.

In reality, I’ve observed younger individuals who started studying for this examination at a young age and succeeded on their first attempt.

So, while there is a lot of competitiveness for the GPSC examination among the people of Gujarat, the same set of people is really somewhat hesitant for the UPSC examination? What is the real reason for this?

Let’s look more closely at this particular point in detail. 

The first reason I’ve noticed would be the poor command of the English language.

The preponderance of Gujarati students is given their basic education in their mother tongue.

You may or may not believe that some people struggle with the English language even after completing prestigious degree courses such as Engineering and MBA.

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This is the primary reason people avoid applying for the UPSC examination and do prepare for the GPSC examination. 

The truth is that most of the Gujarati students are not aware that they can give UPSC examination in their native Gujarati language and that is why they do not prepare for this examination.

(2) Do not want to Go Outside

Gujaratis are a community that believes in spending time with their family the most. Because of this, they believe in taking satisfaction only after passing class 3 examinations taken by GPSC and Gujarat government and serving in their home states only.

We all know very well that after becoming IAS or IPS, your posting can be done anywhere in the country and because of this also Gujarati people do not like to give UPSC examinations.

Instead of applying for the UPSC examination they solely focus on the GPSC examination only so they can get posted in Gujarat itself after passing this examination with flying colors.

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