Why do Criminals Win Elections?

Criminal charges have been filed against 43% of our parliamentarians. And 29% of them have been charged with murder, rape, or ransom.

And it’s not just MPs who are interested; our MLA is as well. In the 2015 Delhi election, 43 out of 70 leaders were elected, despite the fact that they were facing criminal accusations.

And, in the moment, 37 of these MLAs are facing criminal charges. And it is the charges that have been framed before the Supreme Court, not the fact that someone has made an allegation or filed an FIR.

That is to say, the cops went there, confirmed the evidence, gathered eyewitnesses, and filed the charges. This is a relatively minor issue. Political parties don’t give tickets to criminals, And people don’t vote for criminals. As simple as that.

Why do Criminals Win Elections?

In 1999, the Association for Democratic Reforms, or ADR, filed a petition in the Delhi High Court on behalf of all political criminals.

It was also recognized by the Delhi High Court. This was only for that period of time after the Delhi High Court approved this PIL.

We got to witness what we had never seen when the leaders who won by us all together appealed in the Supreme Court against that PIL.

When their appeal was likewise denied, we got to see what we had never seen. All of these parties came together.

When it comes to our country’s security, there is the Uri attack, the Balakot attack, or an offensive situation, but they never come together on the former.

If someone is studying for the IAS, or PCs, and is facing criminal charges. He will not receive an offer letter if this happens. He, too, will have difficulties finding work as a clerk.

There are millions of prisoners awaiting trial who have not yet reached a decision. They have been imprisoned. So all of these things that are relevant are only for politicians and not for the rest of us.

It is extremely difficult for a political party to find candidates with no criminal records in a large parliamentary area.

According to ADR research, a criminal candidate has a 3% higher chance of winning than a clean candidate. The collection becomes a great combination of money and brute power for a criminal contender.

Nowadays for filing FIR also, you need a source. At the same time, if you go to your caste’s political leader, your work will be done. He will see a little bit about you, but he will do your work.

The fact that this system is weak, makes people helpless to vote for them And these people make sure that this system never gets strong.

If we closely observe, we will get to know that every political leader is trying to explain the same thing.

That this system is garbage, this system has these weaknesses, and I am here to save you from the system. And by fighting for poor people’s rights, he himself gets rich.

There is a simple formula for winning First, decide on an area, then do the caste calculation of that area. And the caste which is in majority, chooses Robin Hood, a bahubali type guy from that caste

The work which the system cannot do, you do that work.

People will start voting for you. In case if someone’s being more cautious or people are getting smarter Then create a riot. It will become a compulsion for the people to vote for you.

Final Conclusion on Why do Criminals Win Elections

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