Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy

Why Did Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy?

Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy – Unacademy is India’s largest online learning platform. Here, lakhs of students of India are taking forward with their online studies journey.

Unacademy is a pure form of educational business in which the company collects a huge volume of money in the form of subscription fees from students by providing them with a virtual classroom for certain courses and competitive examinations. 

Online education is becoming more popular after Covid-19, which is why millions of individuals are joining online learning platforms such as Unacademy, Wifistudy, Vedantu, Byjus, and others.

The greatest part about this online platform is that it offers its educators a generous salary, that’s why they only recruit the top educators for their enrolled students.

Many individuals find Unacademy is the best online learning platform, and we also agree with them wholeheartedly.

Althogh it may be the best platform for online study we still want to clarify that this platform is considered the best just because India’s best tutors are teaching here. This is the only reason behind their success.

Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy

We’ve seen that Unacademy’s administration identifies the finest and most popular YouTube learning channels, approaches their teachers, and integrates them into their platform over time.

The best part of recruiting well-known YouTube educators is that the platform also acquires access to the channel’s existing fanbase, which will help the platform to sell more online courses to more learners. As a consequence, Unacademy is able to maximize its potential in the form of business expansion. 

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Who is Priya Mam?

It is not that Unacademy only gives the opportunity to popular tutors to teach on its platforms. We have seen many lesser-known tutors are also trying their luck on this platform.

In the past time, We have also seen many such tutors who have earned much popularity by initially teaching on this platform and later have grown their youtube channel as well. It is clear that they have used Unacademy to get fame to settle their career on their respective YouTube channel.

However, Priya Mam is someone who is totally different from all of them. She is a tutor of the General Science subject and is known for her unique style of teaching.

Her beloved students also like her unique style of teaching and that is the reason why her students rush behind whichever platform she chooses to take her classes online.

Just a short while back Priya Mam had joined both Unacademy and Wifistudy. Everything went well for a while but after that, she suddenly abandoned both the platforms.

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Why did Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy?

There were a lot of discussions were going on among the students who are preparing for General Science about why she had left Wifistudy and Unacademy. Now she herself has cleared this confusion through one of her videos.

Priya Mam has highly accused both platforms in her video. According to her, the management of WifiStudy forced her to give classes at a time when she was at a very low face of her personal life as she just lost her father a few days back due to some disease.

According to Priya Mam Science, she had also informed the students who are studying underneath her on the platforms of Unacademy and WifiStudy about the problems of her personal life and they too had no objection regarding her decision to take a break for some time.

Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy

But WifiStudy and Unacademy did not like this approach of Priya at all. The management of this platform believed that if Priya did not take online classes, then the platform might lose its valuable students drastically. That is the reason why WifiStudy and Unacademy forced Priya mam to take classes online despite so many problems in her personal life.

But Priya mam did not like this point of Wifistudy and Unacademy’s management because she believes that money is not everything in life and a person should always find time for his family.

Priya mam had also accepted in her video that online education platforms can go to any extent to increase their business and they do not care about the position of their tutors and also accused them by saying that they all are money-minded.

Priya Mam, who is called a master in the field of science, has now got rid of both the platforms and is currently she is running a successful YouTube channel on the same subject which she used to teach on Wifistudy and Unacademy.

Final Words on Priya Mam Left Unacademy and Wifistudy

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