Why did Himanshi Singh Left Unacademy?

Himanshi Singh is one of the most popular online educators right now in India. She is a tutor of the C-TET examination and running her own YouTube channel named “Let’s Learn”.

Her unique style of teaching and beautiful looks grabbed the attention of many youths and she gained immense popularity on various social media platforms.

Nowadays, she is such a popular that her YouTube channel is considered as one of the best YouTube channels especially for the youths who are preparing for the C-TET examination.

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Her journey of becoming one of the greatest educational tutors was not so simple. She struggled a lot in her career, she faced too much negativity around her but she was so strong during that time but she faced all the difficulties in a proper way and today she is enjoying the fruits of her past struggles.

But, Do you know that before starting her own YouTube channel, Himanshi was a tutor on Unacademy? I am quite sure that you were not aware of this thing till now.

But like Aman Dhattarwal, she also left the unacademy after some time due to some or another reason. So, In this article, we are going to share the actual reason why She left Unacademy and start her own YouTube channel.

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Why Himanshi Mam Left Unacademy?

For your kind information, we would like to tell you that many people were still don’t aware of Himanshi Singh as a tutor on Unacademy. But, one user’s comment on her live class session grabbed the attention of all the viewers about the details of Himnshi Singh as a tutor on Unacademy’s platform.

Himahsi Singh is also known for her sense of humor too. She tries to address the queries of her learners by answering them in a unique style and that’s why she is popular amogst learners on her YouTube channel.

The best thing about Himanshi Singh that she handles all the trolls on her own with great calmness. This is possible just because she has one of the greatest positive attitudes towards her life. That’s why she got a huge amount of love from her learners and subscribers.

Talking about Unacademy, when she was asked why did she leave Unacademy, she replied that it is all private things and she did not want to disclose all the things publicly and denied the question smartly.

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Himanshi Singh hasn’t answered properly about why she left Unacademy, but the one thing was quite clear that she was not so happy with the behavior of Unacademy’s management.

The second reason, we can give for the Himanshi’s Singh left Unacademy may be the problem of salary package.

We have heard many tutors complaining about the salary structure of Unacademy and Unacamdey Plus. They already have admitted that Unacademy is also not paying properly to tutors despite giving their best efforts on their online educational platform.

The same thing has also happened with Aman Dhattrwal and he had also left Unacdemy’s platform amid the fight with Unacademy’s corporate management.

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Final Words on Why Himanshi Singh Left Unacademy?

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