Why did Aman Dhattarwal Leave Unacademy?

Friends, as we all know that Amana Dhattarwal is counted as one of the most successful online educators on Unacademy. He is a master of Physics and was a JEE topper in his educational days.

Aman Dhattarwal started teaching on a digital educational platform named Unacademy when he was studying engineering.

As I stated earlier that Aman Dhattarwal loves physics so much and he is master has some special kind of mastery on this particular subject. That’s why he started his career as a Physics tutor for the 11th and 12th standard students.

Aman’s teaching method was really very special on Unacademy’s platform. That’s why he grabbed the attention of many new students and soon become very popular. Students started calling him “The master of Physics”.

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Aman Dhattarwal Leave Unacademy!!

There is an obvious reason behind Aman Dhatarwal’s leaving from Unacademy channel.

In one of his Q&A sessions, Aman Dhattarwal has revealed that he left because he was running on a shortage of time.

According to his saying, Unacademy is very strict on its discipline mode and every educator who is teaching on it has to follow some special rules and regulations like taking classes on time and arranging special Q&A sessions at the regular time of intervals for active students.

We would like to inform you that Aman Dhatrwal is successfully running his own three numbers of YouTube channels and earning a decent amount of money from those YouTube channels.

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His YouTube channel is one form of business for him when he shares some values with his students and in return, he earns money from Google AdSense or different ad networks.

The answer is quite simple, why someone will someone do a job if he/she has his/her own startup and can earn more money from there? So, the first reason is explained behind Aman Dhatrwal’s decision behind leaving Unacademy – The best online teaching platform.

What Aman Dhatarwal has to say about this?

Aman Dhatarwal is very active on his all YouTube channels and he often organizes live Q&A sessions with his students.

When one user asked him about “Why he left Unacademy?” then he answered that question by saying, “Yes, I have left that platform due to some personal reasons. I am running on a shortage of time and also I have to manage my own YouTube channel which ultimately needs a good amount of time of hard work. That’s why I left that platform immediately”.

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Further, he also added that he will continue to teach his students on his own YouTube channel for absolutely free. After listening to this Aman Dhatrwal’s students are also quite happy and they are migrating to his YouTube channel from different platforms.

Final words on Aman Dhattarwal Leave Unacademy.

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