Why Delhi is Best For the UPSC Examination Preparation?

As we all know that Delhi is the most famous spot for aspirants who are preparing for the UPSC exam preparation.

It is said that Delhi is actually that vibe available which is the most basic necessity for passing the prestigious UPSC examination.

However, before moving Delhi for the UPSC examination preparation you must have keep one thing in your mind is that living there for the prolog period of time can definitey become very costly and that’s why you must have to take a close took on your actual budget before making any conclusion regarding this.

Why Delhi for UPSC?

First, let’s go through the essentials for UPSC preparation, how residing in Delhi used to be advantageous, and what the present situation is.

GS Preparation: Before the internet, there were no online resources and no information exchange among students.

As a result, GS tutoring in Delhi has exploded. Even if what they taught isn’t groundbreaking, it provided direction and assistance to some who were completely unprepared.

With resources like insights, Unacademy, and IAS baba providing good content, questions, and discussion forums, the demand for GS coaching has decreased significantly.

Optional Preparation: If you’ve picked a completely new topic, you’ll almost certainly require some coaching, and going to Delhi in this case is absolutely warranted because I still feel that nothing beats classroom experience.

Group of Research: When you prepare alone, you risk missing out on important aspects of preparation such as strategy, conversation, and ideas.

Living in Delhi allows you to make friends with students who share your interests, and some of these connections last a lifetime.

Many civil service couples have met in the Rajendra Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar bylanes!

We can now meet this demand without having to travel to Delhi since we have Whatsapp, Telegram, and ForumIAS.

Final Conclusion on Why Delhi is Best for the UPSC Examination Preparation

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