Why China Is Building Their Own Europe

Why China Is Building Their Own Europe?

Why China Is Building Their Own Europe?

This is not the Eiffel Tower, and this is not the famous Chancellerie, despite the fact that it appears to be so. These buildings, structures, and avenues are located not in France, but in China, almost 8,000 kilometers away.

Everything here, down to the land posts and street signs, is designed to make you feel like you’re in Paris, and surprisingly, people can live here, and thirty thousand people reside in this strange city. 

The Eiffel Tower is also replicated in the United States, but what’s going on here is that China is developing entire towns. The one city, nine towns concept was conceived by former Shanghai mayor Shendingru and the Shanghai Planning Commission.

It was created as a strategy to relieve city traffic congestion by attracting people to the suburbs. Each of the nine towns was designed to resemble a popular economic or culturally western neighborhood or city. It’s unclear why they chose to do so rather than create them in the traditional Chinese style.

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Why China Is Building Their Own Europe?

China So, if you moved to Thames Town, you’d find this: a collection of Britain’s finest buildings built up on the outskirts of Shanghai. In the Songjiang district, Thames town took 330 million dollars and three years to build.

It has iconic British figures like Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, and of course, Harry Potter immortalized in statue form. All in all, Thames town is meant to house 10,000 residents and host thousands of tourists eager to see the oddity of it all.

Buying property at absurdly low prices in the hopes of making a significant profit in the future, which never materialized.

Why China Is Building Their Own Europe
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In the initial identical monuments and towns, you’ll notice an eerie detail: the streets are mostly deserted. It’s the distinguishing feature that distinguishes the real from the phony.

Most of these multi-million dollar rip-offs failed to meet the developer’s expectations, which is probably why residents find them difficult to sell, and the high prices don’t help either.

Sure, they sold some for millions, but they were mostly second homes for well-heeled families looking to diversify their real estate portfolio.

This resulted in a real estate bubble, which occurs when speculation, high spending, and high demand drive up housing until nobody but the altar rich can afford it prices to the point where no one can afford them.

Shanghai was an original member of the one city nine towns team, and it was supposed to be a mock version of Sweden’s historic and beautiful Siktuna town.

They even hired a Swedish architecture firm just to get things right, but that very factor turned people off. Why?

Because the architects didn’t account for the important Chinese architectural element of feng shui and how it would influence investment. So those who did buy ended up bulldozing structures to conform to feng shui principles, resulting in a shambles of a town.

London is Terribly Designed?

Today, Lundin appears to be slowly crawling out of its ghost town days, owing to the population push from developing Shanghai, although it hasn’t realized investor potential yet.

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