Why Can’t We Vote Online?

So, what is the cause for this? We’ve arrived at the moon, Mars. However, no country has succeeded in developing a secure online voting system.

That is why, despite the fact that countries have reached Mars, they have not been able to develop a system that makes voting simple.

Estonia is one of the countries that conduct online voting. What problems do other countries face if they may conduct internet voting?

As a result of them, online voting is not widely used over the world. It’s becoming increasingly tough to abandon that safe system. Until the mobile or computer gadgets we use to vote are no longer secure.

Hundreds of millions of intelligent individuals have lost 36 billion euros as a result of this greed. Those who are wealthy and powerful will get the advantage in this. Those whose phones and computers are old and outdated.

What You Should Be Aware of Online Voting?

The Cost is Really Very High

All around the world, there are three methods of voting. The first is voting by stamping on paper ballots. The second option is to use electronic voting machines, such as those used in India.

The third option is I-voting, or internet voting. Internet voting entails connecting our phones and laptops to the internet and casting our votes. While both E-voting and I-voting are distinct, many people misunderstand them.

We’ll go through why I-Voting is necessary before moving on. Is it truly necessary?

The Loksabha elections cost 60,000 crores of rupees in 2019. As a result, each constituency spent a total of Rs 100 crore.

And each vote cost 700 dollars. And there are elections every two to three months in India.  It becomes a huge amount If an online voting system is implemented. So a lot of money will be saved now it’s all about money. 

What is the Main Critical Point?

There are two basic needs for an election, and because of these requirements, online voting is not widely used and has grown extremely difficult to execute.

These two conditions are critical for any election. Otherwise, there will be consequences. Unanimity comes first in the country’s chaos, followed by the trust.

In that particular voting method, unanimity means that no one should be aware of who is voting for whom. Even if the votes are counted, the government should return after ten years.

However, it should not be known who he voted for at any cost. You make a mark or take a selfie while voting. It is not permitted in any way so that no one’s identity is compromised.

Whatever government prevails in a democracy, it will work for everyone.

For those who voted for them, as well as those who did not vote for them. Whether you’re talking about internet banking, Facebook, or Instagram in today’s world. Anything that is available on the internet has been accessed by someone.

Some people will bring up the topic of blockchain. I’ll get back to you on that. Whatever you do online is under the supervision of some organization, government, or individual.

He has access to all of your information. If online voting is used, a server will be set up someplace. Someone will be in charge of all online voting data, whoever knows all voter information.

He will wield enormous authority. Now you’ll say that the most essential thing is money, and you’ll be correct.

Final Conclusion on Why Can’t We Vote Online

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