Why Australians Don’t Need a Google Maps?

Why do Chinese people excel at mathematics? Why are Vietnamese people better at music, and why don’t native Australians use Google Maps to go around?

I believe you wish to utilize Google Maps in this manner. No, this has nothing to do with the color of their skin or the size of their brains, but everything to do with the language they speak.

That’s right, the language you speak may make you smarter than the rest of the world, as I’ll explain.

Thinking in Japanese is not the same as thinking in English, for example. Every language in the world is different.

Chinese children are significantly better at math than the rest of the world, not just because they study hard, but also because Chinese numbers are so simple to acquire that they are nearly a year ahead of children in other nations.

Because light blue and dark blue have separate terms in Russian, Russians are better at distinguishing colors. As a result, their brains are extraordinarily quick to notice even the tiniest shift in color.

Why Australians Don’t Need a Google Maps?

Indigenous Australians are incredible at orienting themselves; they don’t have words like left and right in their language, so they use north, south, east, and west instead. It’s as if their brains had a compass built-in.

They don’t even require the use of Google Maps. Because tone is crucial in these languages, and mandarin has so many meanings depending on how you say it, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese speakers are better at music.

It can signify anything from hanging over something to answering to hit or huge yes, which is why their brains are trained to detect tonal differences and why they’re more likely to have perfect pitch.

Because they have dozens of phrases for each type of snow, Eskimos can discern the difference between them.

Swedish people’s lives seem to last longer simply because they talk about time as if it were a long journey ahead of them. Does this mean that knowing more than one language makes you superhuman?

Well, research shows that bilingual people are more intelligent and can learn things faster than monolingual people.

Learning a new language is about much more than just talking to locals when you’re on vacation, according to research. Knowing at least two languages also helps you have a solid recall far into your senior years.

Final Conclusion on Why Australians Don’t Need a Google Maps

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