Why All Colleges Should Have a 0% Attendance Policy?

Friends, we are all aware that India’s educational system has several problems. In this educational system, the theoretical approach is given greater weight than the practical method.

Apart from that, practically every college requires students to maintain a 75 percent attendance rate, which causes many students to have difficulties. However, there are a few universities in India that provide a 0% attendance policy to students, and definitely, BITS Pilani is one of them.

Don’t you believe that 75% of the attendance is completely unnecessary and that institutions should reconsider their decision to waive this policy?

Here we are sharing some important points on why should all colleges have a 0 % attendance system in detail. Before reading this article we want to clarify that this is just my opinion, your thoughts may differ from my thinking so just enjoy reading this article and don’t make an unnecessary hype at all.

(1) It Can Save a Lots of Time

See, we all know that the timetable in college in India is set in such a way that the actual time of the student is spent learning all the theoretical things.

Practical work is not given much attention in maximum colleges. Because of this, students feel that they are not getting enough time to do other extra activities.

This is the main reason why colleges must have to reconsider the attendance system so that student can spend some time doing things which he actually likes well and wanted to do for the rest of their life like playing guitar or video making or any other.

When the lockdown happened, at that time the creativity among the students in India had increased a lot.

Maximum students did not have to go to college at this time and due to this, they were able to do their favorite work easily. Perhaps this is the reason why most startups and YouTube channels were also opened during this time.

(2) Learning Can be Done from Anywhere

See, there is also a fact that people in India like to go to college just because they can spend some time with their friends.

If we talk about lectures, then we all know that 50 percent of students are such that they do not even pay proper attention during lectures in college.

So, there is actually no point in forcing them to attend the lectures. If they really want to learn they can also learn it from various online sources.

See it is a simple thing that as soon as they get free time, they will pay more attention to upgrading their skills and will be able to move forward in their career easily. What’s your take on this particular matter?

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