Who is Shobhit Nirvan? – Shobhit Nirvan Biography

Shobhit Nirvan Biography

If you are someone who belongs to the educational field then you are probably familiar with the name of Shobhit Nirwan, a young and dynamic educator and Youtuber who is now studying at the Indian Institute of Information Technology in Vadodara.

His journey to becoming financially self-sufficient before the age of 20 is indeed inspirational and motivating.

After all, you too must be thinking that after all, how a child studying in a college can earn money in lakhs within just 2 years.

So today we will tell you about some very important things related to the life of Shobhit Nirvana to answer this question. If you also want to know more about Shobhit, then please read this article till the end.

All You want to Know about Shobhit Nirvan’s Success Story

Shobhit was born in Delhi, and his parents are teachers by profession and that is the reason why they always wanted that their child will become a doctor or an engineer.

Shobhit was also a very bright student in his academics from the beginning, and he had even topped in his 10th Class.  After that, he went to Kota to study for the JEE exam in order to gain admission to an IIT.

Shobhit believes that his decision to move to Kota was the best decision of his life since only here had he learn about many aspects of his life that he would not have learned in Delhi, such as being alone away from his mother’s father and having to work hard day and night.

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Shobhit had put together a great deal of effort in Kota to prepare for the JEE, but he was still unable to gain admission to an IIT.

But, despite this, he kept his courage and enrolled in the Indian Institute of Information Technology in Vadodara, where he began his engineering studies.

When Shobhit first started his engineering career, he noticed that everyone was only talking about salary packages in lakhs, and it was only because of this that he was attracted to such a package and that is the reason why he started doing coding for someone else, but after 3-4 months of working he realized that he is not enjoying in doing it and there he understood that he was not made for typical 9 to 5 jobs at all. 

After surrendering his coding aspirations, Shobhit needed to find a way to make money, so he began giving tuition to students in class X and started his own YouTube channel.

But, like every other YouTuber, he had to deal with a lot of challenges in the beginning because his channel was rarely growing.

However, Shobhit did not give up and continued to create content for his channel, finally finding popularity after a short time.

Shobhit realized that a lot of money can be made via the digital platform when he first received earnings from Google Adsense.

After that, he found the fresh motivation to work, and as a result, he studied a lot about the stock market, equities, and real estate to boost his income and these all things were literally helped him to strengthen all of his income sources. 

Shobhit Nirvan Earnings/ Salary

Shobhit’s YouTube channel now has approximately 900,000 subscribers, and he earns a significant amount of money from it.

At the same time, he invests a significant portion of his money in stock market equity and real estate and that is the main reason why he generates a substantial amount of money from all of those platforms.

Shobhit, by the way, has never stated publicly how much money he makes. But, in one of his Josh talk speeches, he stated that he earns in the seven figures in today’s time, and we believe that this may be highly motivating for any young person.

Why Shobhit Nirvan is a Special Personality?

By the way, in today’s time, Shobhit is one of India’s most successful educators with thousands of students connected with him, and if he wants, he can easily earn a huge amount of money by offering his premium courses.  

But he has no desire to do so because he is well aware that he must dedicate much more of his life to the field of education in order to achieve the greatest possible spread of education among the community.

According to Shobhit, he wants to advance India’s education to a level where even the internet has yet to reach.

This ambition appears to be quite big, but considering his determination, we can absolutely guarantee that he will be successful in accomplishing his dream. The entire team of the Indianapex also wishes Shobhit the best of luck for all of his upcoming adventures. 

Final Conclusion on Shobhit Nirvan Biography

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