Who is Sachin and Shilpa From Flying Abroad YouTube Channel?

Sachin and Shilpa From Flying Abroad YouTube Channel

Friends, we all know that there are few opportunities for young people in India, and as a result, many individuals are unemployed.

And this may also be the main reason why so many people prefer to settle down in their life by going overseas.

Studying abroad in nations such as Canada, the United States, and Germany has become increasingly popular among Indian students.

In reality, many people have studied in such nations in recent years and have settled in extremely successfully.

In fact, so many Indian couples are also fascinated with the beauty overseas and that is the main reason why they also prefer to be moving there anyhow.

In one such couple, we can also include Shilpa and Sachin who are the owners of the YouTube channel named “Flying Abroad”, the channel which has almost 400k subscribers already and is considered as one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels around the international users.

So, basically in this article, we are going to share some really very important information related to Sachin and Shilpa in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Sachin and Shilpa From Flying Abroad YouTube Channel

Sachin and Shilpa are YouTubers and Vloggers from Rajasthan, India, who are currently residing in Germany where they both work as professionals.

In 2017, they both married each other. Sachin, for instance, is a software engineer who studied in Banglore and then worked there for over three years before coming to Germany to pursue his master’s degree in the same discipline.

Shilpa holds a bachelor’s degree in mass and media communication, and after marrying Sachin, she also moved to Germany.

Shilpa has also found work in Germany after her immigration, and she is presently employed in the field of digital marketing. Sachin, on the other hand, earned his master’s degree in Germany in 2016 and is now employed as a software engineer in one of the most reputed firms in Germany.

Shilpa and Sachin both come from a lower-middle-class household, but thanks to their hard work, they have been successful in establishing themselves in Germany.

Apart from working in digital marketing and software engineering, Shilpa and Sachin also run their own YouTube channel, Flying Abroad, where they have already posted several vlogs and instructional videos.

In fact, their channel is one of the fastest-growing on YouTube. Their main goal in working on their YouTube channel is to assist as many individuals as possible who have a desire of studying or working in Germany.

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