Who is Mike Lito? – Mike Lito Biography and Trading Journey

Mike Lito Biography and Trading Journey

Studying in the field of engineering and making a career in the world of trading, investment, and finance is actually not easy for everyone because there is a significant difference between the two fields of engineering and finance.

If someone has to grind in the field of trading and investment especially after engineering then he/she must have to work really very hard for that.

But like following the famous line, “Engineers can do anything apart from Engineering”, some extraordinary engineers have achieved lots of success in the field of finance and trading and in one such name, we can also include Mike Lito too.

Well, In this article, we are going to share some important information related to Mike Lito’s trading journey in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Mike Lito Biography and Trading Journey

Well, if you are someone who is not so familiar with the name of Mike Lito, then we would like to inform you that he is a YouTuber, Investor, and Financial educator with having an educational degree in mechanical engineering which he has gained from the Indiana University of the United States of America.

Actually, Mike Lito did not have any idea about the stock market and forex trading till he was studying engineering and he did not want to make a career in this field either.

His primary goal was to get a job in the field of mechanical engineering and that’s why he was exploring so many opportunities to get a decent salary-package job.

Mike also gave lots of interviews in many companies to get a good job in the field of mechanical engineering.

But like every engineering fresher, he too had to face rejections for jobs owing to not having adequate information related to this field and not having any kind of working experience.

Mike got to know about forex trading through his friend’s uncle when he was facing repeated rejections from his mechanical engineering job.

His eagerness to learn about forex trading grew, even more, when he came to know that his friend’s uncle earns a lot of money with the help of trading.

Mike then went to his friend’s uncle and started learning trading from him.

In the beginning, he watched a lot of videos to understand very deeply about trading, and because of this, he got very deep information about how to do trading in his early days.

Actually, Mike along with two of his friends started learning about trading strategies but over a period of time his friends lost interest in this field and that’s why they dumped this field and joined their traditional jobs as well.

Although Mike had supported his friends in every aspect of his life, when they left the field of trading, he did not support them this time.

In fact, Mike felt at that time that if he also left this field even after working so hard, then he would never be able to get success and he would not have any other option left but to trade.

His perception was absolutely right as he is nowadays making a huge amount through trading and investing.

He is also managing one YouTube channel where he teaches forex trading and investment to his subscribers.

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