Who is Akshay Hallur? – All You Want To Know about Akshay Hallur’s Networth

Who is Akshay Hallur?

Friends, at this time, every digital marketer in India understands that the quickest ways to make money from the internet will be done only through blogging and YouTube, but this field is growing and also it has become increasingly competitive with the passage of time.

As a result, even after working hard, many people are unable to achieve results. Today, though, we’ll tell you about a YouTuber and blogger who has made a different identity despite having online competition and this YouTuber’s name is Akshay Hallur.

In this article, we are going to share each and everything about Akshay Hallur’s blogging journey to his net worth from the online platform via this article. We suggest you read this article till the end in order if you really want to know more about him.

Who is Akshay Hallur and why he is so popular?

Akshay Hallur is a well-known blogger and Youtuber who manages a popular blog called Blogging X on the internet.

Along with blogging, Akshay also maintains his own YouTube channel, where he publishes videos about technology. He is someone who is earning millions of rupees from the Internet in today’s time by leveraging both platforms.

If we talk more about Akshay then we would like to tell you that he is a Bangalore resident who obtained a diploma in electronics after completing his basic schooling.

After completing the diploma, he also enrolled in engineering for further studies, but after recognizing that his engineering career was standing in the way of his blogging career, he withdrew his name from the engineering college and focused solely on becoming a full-time blogger, YouTuber, and digital marketer.

Who is Akshay Hallur? – All You Want To Know about Akshay Hallur’s Networth
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How Did Akshay Hallur Started his Blogging Career?

After completing his basic schooling education, Akshay enrolled in a diploma program in one of the respected engineering colleges of Banglore.

But he did not enjoy studying disciplines like chemistry at the time, and as a result, in 2011, he began blogging and created his first blog using Google’s free Blogger platform along with his Diploma studies.

But, as we all know, when you first start blogging, you’ll face a lot of challenges, and the same thing happened to Akshay when, despite having a lot of traffic on his initial blog, Google banned it. As a result, Akshay had to deal with many different difficulties.

After failing to deliver any kind of success with his first blog, Akshay established his own new brand blog throughout the technology niche, and after launching this blog, he began to take his blogging career seriously since he wanted money from it.

In addition, his first failed blog taught him a lot about the blogging industry and that is one of the major reasons why he is recognized as one of the most successful bloggers in this industry. 

Akshay Hallure’s Net Worth

Akshay was making tons of money from his maiden blog that he felt engineering was becoming a hindrance in his blogging profession and that is the prime reason he quit engineering totally for his passion for blogging and finally shifted his all focus in the blogging and Digital Marketing career.  How can a man be so passionate about his career?

Speaking of Akshay’s blogging achievement we got to know that he currently runs three highly popular blogs, each of which generates thousands of dollars in revenue. In addition, he earns a lot of money by teaching people about technology and blogging through his Youtube channel.

How Much Akshay is master in the domain of blogging can be determined solely by the reality that he started one of his websites in 2017 in a highly competitive niche such as blogging and today just after the four years his blog about the same niche has been read by millions of people and it has become a prime revenue source for Akshay Hallure.  

As previously stated, Akshay is active on both blogging and Youtube, and he also has a blogging course on an online platform called Udemy. As a result, we can simply calculate that in today’s time, Akshay earns more than 15 lakhs monthly from all of his online platforms and We think that this is one of the best achievement for someone who is working in this domain by making so much efforts. 

Final Words on Who is Akshay Hallur?

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