Who is Akash Modi GPSC Mentor?

Gone are those days when aspirants were able to crack any governmental examination with having a just little knowledge too.

Right now, the competition is actually very sniffed and I think every second young individual is actually preparing hard to acquire a position in a government’s administration.

I was surprised when I heard that many IIT and IIM graduates are also leaving their high-paying jobs in today’s time and preparing for government jobs.

The reason why everyone likes to be a government employee is that this job actually comes with great responsibility and prestige.

You will probably find this thing bitter, but even in today’s time, any person who does a government job in India is seen with some different respect in the society.

See, passing the government examination is literally not an easy task at all and one has to grind really very hard also they will need a help of a mentor who can guide them in a proper way.

Who is Akash Modi GPSC Mentor?

Well, Akash Modi is a GPSC examination mentor YouTuber and educator.

Akash who is a UPSC aspirant and currently living in Delhi for his upcoming examination preparation has recently started his own YouTube channel where he is seen mentoring too many young individuals who are relentlessly preparing for the Gujarat government’s administration examination.

One thing which I like the most about him is that he is actually super honest with all his judgments and motivational information. He truly believes that one can’t achieve all the success just by thinking at each time.

One needs to step up and work really very hard in order to pass this examination. Laziness, even in a small percentage can definitely ruin all your dreams.

Where in today’s time, most of the fake GPSC examination educators misguiding the students with their fake tactics for sake of their own benefits like spending costly courses and acquiring huge amounts of fees as a mentor, Akash is far away from this kind of practice as he truly wants to guide the aspirants in a right direction.

Literally, this kind of personality is seen very rarely in today’s time.

Final Conclusion on Who is Akash Modi GPSC Mentor

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