Abhi and Niyu Love Story

Who are Abhi and Niyu? Why they both are so popular?

If you are a fan of watching videos on YouTube, then you must have seen the videos of Abhi and Niyu. If you haven’t seen their videos on YouTube then you can watch their beautifully plotted videos on their channel named “Abhi and Niyu”. In this article, we will be going to discuss who is Abhi and Niyu and why they both are very popular in India.

Who are Abhi and Niyu?

Abhi and Niyu both are very big content creators in the world of YouTube and social media. Usually, all the videos posted on their channel are informative and try to reach you with the correct information. That’s why their videos are also liked and shared by many people.

You can always find some kind of natural positivity in their videos definitely. That’s the reason why many of the youngsters started liking their videos. Today their channel has millions of followers and they both are quite popular faces in India.

who are abhi and niyu

Before knowing more about Abhi and Niyu, let us try to know about their personal life. Because there is a funny story behind how their YouTube channel started which is really very interesting. Their personal life story is as amazing as their professional life.

What is the real name and the qualification of Abhi?

The real name of Abhi is Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha. He hails from Delhi. He has completed his formal graduation in commerce stream from one of the reputed colleges of South Delhi. After completing his basic education, he went to Mumbai for his further graduation in Mass and Media communication.

He earned a master’s degree in Mass and Media Communication from the R.D National College, Mumbai. After obtaining this degree, he has also worked in the field of film marketing with many multinational companies like HCL. He was doing this work till 2019.

What is the real name and the qualification of Niyu?

The real name of Niyu is Niyati Mavinkurve. You will be amazed if I tell you that Niyati is a CA (Chartered accountant) by her graduation. After completing her graduation from one of the colleges of Delhi, she appeared for the CA exams and passed them in her first attempt.

But Niyati was fond of writing since her childhood and she always wanted to be a unique writer. That’s why she started her career as a freelance content writer after completing her chartered accountant graduation.

Niyati Mavinkurve has worked with many multinational companies till now. Apart from this, she has done blogging in the field of finance and travel for many small firms.

We must have to say that Niyati is such really very brave girl who chooses to follow her dreams instead of doing any normal kind of job in her educational sector. This is the reason why she is very successful nowadays.

What is the love story of the Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve?

Many people do not know about the relationship between Abhi and Niyu. But we want to tell you here that Abhi and Niyu have done love marriage with each other. Their love story is really unique and interesting. You can read their full love story from here.

Why abhi and niyu are so popular

Abhi and Niyu met when both of them were studying in college. Apparently, Niyati is three years older than Abhi. Still, their age never became a barrier in their love story and finally, they married each other in 2018. You will definitely be going to love their love story, I can give you my personal guarantee for that.

Why did Abhi and Niyu travel to India for more than 100 days?

Abhi and Niyu both were faded up with their regular job. They both wanted to do some other things rather than their normal job. As both are well settled and well educated, they thought to start their own YouTube channel in India’s educational sector.

Abhi and Niyu truly believe that India is such a beautiful country and there are so many things to explore and experience. That’s why both husband and wife decided to travel to India to explore such positive things. They started traveling together and shoot as many videos as possible.

Along with traveling they also started uploading their unique content on their YouTube channel. Apparently, Indian people liked their videos so much and they got praised from everywhere. Soon they become very popular and hence their digital content creation journey started from here.

Abhi and Niyu traveled the whole of India almost for more than 100 days and they uploaded their full travel documentary on their YouTube channel with a caption named “#100reasonstoloveIndia”. They both get immense popularity with that documentary.

What is the motive behind their YouTube Channel?

We all know that nowadays news channels usually give more attention to negative news than positive news. That’s why the negativity is increasing among the people of India day by day. Abhi and Niyu were also victims of this negativity. They both always wanted to change this trend and spread some positivity amongst the people of India.

Abhiraj was very fond of making short films from the very beginning. Perhaps that’s why he also studied Mass and Media Communication. But he never got a chance in Bollywood due to nepotism. So that’s why he started his own YouTube channel along with his wife Niyati Mavinkurve.

Abhi and Niyu Love Story

Even today, Abhi and Niyu both post at least one video in a day. As their videos are quite informative and interesting people started following and subscribing to their YouTube channel. Today both are the famous, faces of Indian social media. Their subscribers are increasing day by day and followed by more than 1 million people already.

Negativity around Abhi and Niyu YouTube channel.

As we all know that whatever you do well in India, you definitely have to face negativity. While most people appreciate you for your hard-working efforts, few people always believe in spreading negativity for good work.

The same thing has happened with the Abhi and Niyu YouTube channels too. People started spreading hate comments in their comments section, which is quite unacceptable.

I just want to advise those kinds of people who are actually spreading negativity against them: “If you can’t appreciate someone for their noble work, then you don’t have any right to criticize them”. (Haters, Always keep in mind this thing)

Many YouTubers have accused them that they both steal the facts from Google and present them in front of the people. In my opinion, this is all bullshit. This is some bullshit kind of hate against both of them.

Even if they both pick up information from google, there is nothing wrong with it then because these facts only increase knowledge among people. So all these things should not make any difference. We must have to appreciate both educated guys for sharing such valuable information with us.

FAQs about Abhi and Niyu

What is the real name of Abhi and Niyu?

The real name of Abhi is Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and the real name of Niyu is Niyati Mavinkurve.

What is the Educational Qualification of Abhi and Niyu?

Niyu is a Chartered Accountant by education while Abhi did his masters in mass and media communication from one of the most reputed colleges of Mumbai.

Are Abhi and Niyu Married?

Yes, Abhi and Niyu both are married to each other. They had dated each other for more than 8 Years and then tied a knot with each other in 2018.

Abhi and Niyu age difference

Niyati Mavinkurve is 3 years of elder than Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha. However, their age difference never became a barrier to their love life.

Final words on Who are Abhi and Niyu?

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