Is It Fraud?- Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review

Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review

If you are fond of watching videos on  YouTube then there are high chances that you most probably have seen an advertisement for Whitehat Jr’s coding classes interspersed between episodes or videos.

Have you ever wondered whether a child can learn coding and programming as early as the age of six after seeing this advertisement?

Do you think that teaching your kids to code from a young age would be beneficial to them in the future?

So, in this article, we will try to give my best answer to this question, and along with this article, we will also post an unbiased evaluation of Whitehat Jr.’s Coding classes for kids.

Kindly please read this article till the end if you really want to know more about the same. 

What is Whitehat Jr?

If we speak more about Whitehat Jr you most probably already know that it is a tech company that was founded in 2018 and it provides online classes to children aged 6 to 14. This educational website offers classes on coding, Vedic mathematics, and guitar.

This platform has also hired a huge number of mentors to teach young kids, and each child who joins this platform is allocated a service of the personal educator for all the classes.

Actually, this company has been in the news constantly because its advertisements have been structured in such a manner that many parents have connected with it and have used the service of their online classes to teach coding to their young kids.

Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review
Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review

However, there is also a group of people who believe that this platform is fake and that it defrauds people since no child can become a great coder or programmer in his teenage and that is the universal truth. 

Today, in the latter part of this article, we will give you some very important information about Whitehat Jr’s online coding lessons, and this information will undoubtedly assist you in deciding whether you should purchase their service or not. 

Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review (Unbiased)

Before we start, we want to make it clear that this review is not sponsored in any form, and that it was composed entirely after doing some extensive research and that is the main reason why you can trust this review without any kind of doubt.

Whitehat Jr believes that there will be a lot of development of artificial intelligence systems in the future and that is the main reason why your kids should be taught coding from a young age so that they can get a benefit from it in the future.

Before we get into the details of this course we would like to point out that you shouldn’t spend any money on this coding class for your kids.

What should be the strategy?

If you truly want your child to grow appropriately then you must invest money in things like fitness, sports, and Vedic maths from the start, rather than online coding programs from any company. We hope you’ve understood what we are trying to say to you. 

Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review
Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review

Before enrolling your kids in coding programs, you must remember which class you were in when you first came to know about the topics like coding and programming and also ask one question to yourself that whether you were able to learn to code rapidly? 

Learning to code is not an easy task at all. Coding is not an easy task to do, and in order to do so, the child’s intellect must be developed slightly.

Our team believes that somewhere between the ages of 6 and 14, the child is at the stage of springing to play and that is the reason you must not put too much pressure on him/her. 

And if you genuinely want your child to learn the things like coding and programming from the beginning then you should wait until he/she grown-up for at least 14 years of old.

This is why, because around 14 years, a person begins to learn about good and bad things. Even if you look at the NCERT’s syllabus then you’ll notice that the child is only taught about coding after 9th grade, so why are you in such a hurry?

Have some patience and let your kid enjoy his childhood days without giving him/her any kind of hectic situation. 

What after the age of 14?

You can enroll your child in any paid programming classes if you believe that your child has the skills to study coding and programming from the age of 14.

However, keep in mind that skills like coding and programming are not learned overnight and take some time to learn, so don’t expect your children to become masters in this field immediately. You must also maintain a level of patience.

If you have substantial money then you may easily engage your child in this field by purchasing any premium online course.

However, if you are anxious about your budget then believe us that you do not need to spend any money on coding courses because there are thousands of free tutorials already available on platforms such as YouTube to teach you how to code.

As of now, this platform is completely free and that is the main reason why you should consider taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Final Conclusion on Whitehat Jr Coding Classes Review

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