Which is Less Hazardous Mining Method?

As we all know that mining is the activity to extract minerals from the crust of the earth for the benefit of mankind.

Usually, mining activities carried out with the help of 2 types of extraction methods one is the opencast mining method and the other one is underground mining.

Generally, the opencast mining method is adopted when the valuable mineral deposits are available at shallow depth.

But if the mineral deposits are available at moderate depth then one must have to use underground mining techniques to reach out to those mineral bodies.

We all know that mining activities are very risky and you always have to take care of your safety. Every alternative day you keep getting news about accidents happening in mines.

If you are also wondering which mining method is less hazardous, then here is the answer is given below in this article.

Less Hazardous Mining Method

As we stated earlier that mining activities usually carried out via two main methods. One is the opencast mining method and another one is the underground mining method.

If we compare both methods then one can easily elaborate that the opencast mining method is one of the safest methods for mining operations. We will justify the same statement in the latter part of this article.

Suppose that if you work with an underground mining method, then you may face problems like roof fall and ventilation. The opencast mining method is totally free from such kinds of problems.

When you work in underground mining, sometimes toxic gases also come out from the mineral body, due to which you may suffer from death.

There have been many stories about the emission of toxic gases that are already available in history on mining.

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Why Opencast mining method is best for the safety purpose?

It is not like that, there is no danger in working in opencast mining. But in this method, many rules have been made in terms of safety, due to which this method becomes a little safe compared to the underground mining method.

Usually, when you work in opencast mining, the entire working area is visible clearly during the time of extraction. That’s why it becomes quite easy to observe the working operation compared to the underground mining method.

In opencast mining, you have to face problems like air pollution, noise pollution. But all these problems can be solved very easily. The same things are not so easy to control in underground mining operations.

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Final words on Which mining method is less hazardous?

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