What Should Be Your Salaries in Cognizant After 3 Years of Experience?

Friends, we all know that Cognizant is a leading software engineering company in India, and every year many engineers try their luck to get jobs in this company, and those who get jobs in this company, they get a good chance of advancement in their career.

See, Cognizant is a company that hires a fresher and gives them a salary of up to 4 lakhs.

Whenever fresher join Cognizant, he is given the post of programmer trainee and in CTC of 4 lakhs, he can easily get Rs 28000 to 29000 in hand every month and other money is divided for the PF purpose and Bonus which is ultimately given oat the end of the year.

Whenever a fresher joins Cognizant, he is put in training or probation period for 1 year. If his performance remains satisfactory during this one year, then after that he is taken on a permanent position in the company.

After the probation period is over, he is given the position of Programmer Analyst Trainee. Although there is not much increase in his salary, still he can easily earn 4.5 lakh rupees annually very easily.

For 3 years, when any fresher is successful in working very well in Cognizant company and his performance is very good, then his upper manager can put him on the post of Associate. If he comes in the position of Associate in this company then he can get packed up to 5.5 lakhs very easily.

See, it is not that everyone gets the associate’s post very easily in this company. Rather you have to work very hard to reach this post and at the same time, you have to impress your manager with your work.

I feel that in comparison to TCS, you can get a lot of things to learn in this company because you can get a very good opportunity to work on direct projects in this company.

Final Conclusion on Salaries in Cognizant After 3 Years of Experience

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