What is Zomato Rate Card? Why It is really very Important?

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Are you working as a Zomato food delivery guy or planning to work as a zomato delivery guy? If you are still planning to work as a Zomato food delivery guy then kindly please this article related to how to join Zomato as a food delivery guy.

When you are working as a food delivery boy then you must have to take care of many things and especially you must have proper knowledge about how to use Zomato Rider App.

Many times, we have mentioned that working as a Zomato food delivery boy is not an easy task. You have to take care of lots of things. You can read this full guide from here.

Talking about Zomato, it is India’s largest food delivery platform. Zomato company is expanding its business day by day in India and that’s why they are hiring huge numbers of delivery boys to make their food delivery system more and faster.

What is Zomato rate card

In this article, we are going to tell you what is zomato rate card and why it is really very important for Zomato’s food delivery partners? If you really want to know more about Zomato’s rate card then, we request you to please read this article till the end for better understanding.

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What is Zomato Rate Card?

As we stated in our old articles too many times, that Zomato is actually a customer-oriented company. Giving its customers the best service in the minimum possible time is the main motto of Zomato food delivery service and that’s why they are charging huge amounts of delivery charges from its customers.

But this does not mean that Zomato only gives all the facilities to its customers. Zomato considers its employees as its baseline and that’s why it is trying to provide all the necessary facilities for them too.

For your kind information, we would like to tell you that Zomato has recently developed one webpage named “Rate Card” in rider’s application so its riders can understand the payment system of Zomato and can estimate or determines their earning really well.

If you are working as a food delivery boy in Zomato, then it is very important for you to understand the Zomato rate card. If you do not understand the details of this rate card, then you may have to bear heavy losses.

In this article, the Indian apex team tried their best to explain to you what is Zomato rate card and how it actually works and why it is really very important for Zomato food delivery boys?

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What is the Zomato Rate Card

What is the minimum base pay in Zomato Rate Card?

When you open a rider’s app and go into the Zomato card option, then you will definitely find one option named “Minimum Base Pay” in it. Do you know what its actual meaning and why it is important to understand?” Let me explain to you in detail.

As the name suggests minimum base pay means Zomato will certainly pay you some fixed amount of money when you deliver the order between 0-5 km. Zomato has nothing to do with whether you deliver within 1 Km or 5 km. It will certainly pay some fixed amount of minimum payout for delivering the food.

If we talk about 2021, then the management of Zomato is currently offering a minimum payout of up to Rs 20 in an order. This minimum payout may increase if you are working in metro cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkatta.

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What is the order ready time to pay in the Zomato rate card?

Many riders still don’t aware of what is order ready pay and they all are still confusing about this word. Let me try to explain to you what is the exact meaning of ready time to pay in Zomato rate card in simple words.

Suppose you get a notification related to delivering the order, then your first work is to reach the particular restaurant in the minimum possible time, so you can collect the food delivery material on a time.

But, many times restaurants may haven’t prepared food delivery on time, and the rider has to wait for some particular timing. It is nothing but an absolute waste of time for any rider and he/she also misses the valuable money earning opportunity due to wastage of time.

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zomato rate card

Zomato company understands this problem really well. That’s why Zomato has decided that they will pay a certain amount of money to its rider in case of the rider has to wait at a particular restaurant to collect the food delivery material.

Zomato usually pays a certain amount of money in this type of case via order ready time-to-pay system, which is already available in the rider’s application. Usually, this amount depends upon the waiting time of the rider and the location of your area.

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What is Distance Pay in Zomato rate card?

Earlier, we told you that Zomato company is paying a certain amount of money per order as a minimum base pay to its riders up to 5 km. This amount generally varies between 15-30 rupees depending upon which city and location you are working in.

Have you ever thought if you deliver food beyond the 5 kilometers location of the particular restaurant, then Zomato will pay some extra money to its food delivery boys?

The answer is hell Yes. Zomato is paying up to 4.5 -5 rupees per kilometer you are covering while delivering the food. Suppose if you are covering 8 kilometers in one order. Then Zomato will pay you 8*5 =40 rupees per order.

Distance pay is considered one of the most effective types of payment systems for the Zomato food delivery guys. Their entire earning actually depends upon this payment system. That’s why zomato riders highly value the distance payout while working as food delivery guys.

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