What is the Surge Pay in Zomato?

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Friends, as we all know that everybody in this entire world wants to earn money. Many people use some short-term cheap tricks to earn some money while some people do real hard work to earn a decent amount of money for life living.

Zomato delivery boy is becoming one of the most high-paying jobs right now in India. The fact is that some of the zomato delivery boys are earning more than what some fresher engineers earn in their starting days after studying so much in their entire career as a student.

Our team has already covered one article related to the Zomato Rate Card, from which you can find detailed information about how Zomato pays to their delivery boys. If you haven’t that article yet then you can read that article from here.

Many Zomato delivery boys were complaining that Zomato was paying very low to its delivery boys for delivering the particular order. That is the reason why Zomato has to improvise its payment scale and it has also included so many features related to its pay scale.

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Recently Zomato has included many features for delivery boys such as minimum base pay, distance pay, minimum daily and weekly pay, and the surge pay in their zomato Rate Card system. Let’s try to understand what is the Zomato surge payment.

What is Zomato Surge Pay in Zomato?

Before you understand surge pay in Zomato, you must have to understand what is surge pay?

The simple meaning of surge pay is increasing your daily or monthly payment on a special occasion. There are some certain moments when you can surely earn some extra amount of money.

Zomato surge pay is nothing but it is some extra payment offered by zomato to its delivery boy on some special occasions like festivals or Rainy / Monsoon seasons.

Zomato usually enables a surge pay option during rainy seasons. Because as you all know, the delivery boy usually denies working during rainy or monsoon season due to one reason.

That’s why zomato has to pay a certain extra amount of money to other riders to complete all the delivery during that particular time efficiently.

It is the responsibility of the team leader of that particular area which was assigned by Zomato to enable the surge payment during some specific time.

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What are the general surge hours in Zomato Rider App?

I know, you might be wondering what are the general surge hours while working as a food delivery boy. I can give you the best answer to this question.

Usually, Zomato’s app will send you notifications about surge hours. It may vary between 1 to 4 hours.

During surge hours you will be paid a certain extra amount on your regular payment per order. This amount generally varies between 15 to 20 rupees per order depending upon your location and the number of extra orders received by Zomato.

When I asked some Zomato delivery boys about their surge hours, they told me that there are main 2 types of surge hours.

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  1. 10 P.M. to 11:59 P.M. (2 Hours) (15 rs extra on your regular payment.)
  2. 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. (4 Hours) (Usually 20rs extra on your regular payment.)

As we all know that Zomato receives more orders during festivals like Diwali and New Year. In such times, they have a shortage of delivery boys. So during this time, Zomato pays almost a very high amount of surge pay to its active food delivery riders to complete all the food delivery in a minimum possible time.

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