Success Story of Food Mohalla

What is the Success Story of Food Mohalla?

Usually, we have seen that any person starts his business from the metro city and then tries to expand it in a small city. Big startups started in India have also grown from this model.

But a food franchise named Food Mohalla has broken this stereotype. This company started its business in a small city like Navsari and taken it forward to the big cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The journey of the Food Mohalla Franchise is really very inspirational and everyone must know about it. I am sure the people of Navsari must be proud of their city’s own food franchise which is setting new trademarks of success in the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Success Story of Food Mohalla

Food Mohalla was started in the year 2017 in a very small town named Navsari. In starting they started their journey by selling burgers and Pizzas. Comparatively low prices in comparison with big food giants like Dominos and Subway, helped them to attract more numbers of food lovers from Navsari.

Navsari’s people are really very kind-hearted and food-loving, we already discuss the same in our one of the article, titled as “Success Story of Ajay’s Takeaway Food”. You can read that particular article from here. They have again shown their love to this new food start-up.

The management of Food Mohalla has established its business model by taking care of the needs of the common people of Navsari. That’s why they always tried to sell their western kind of fast food at a moderate price and this is the actual reason for their huge success in a small city like Navsari.

After getting a lot of success in the home franchise of Navsari, they also started some more new franchises in the same city. After this, they expanded their business in bigger cities like Surat, Dahod, Baroda, and Bharuch.

Nowadays this food franchise is successfully operating their business in

Why Food Mohalla is so popular?

The best thing which attracts the people towards Food Mohalla is their various types of varieties of food at cheaper prices. That is one of the best and the major reason for their success.

The Management of Food Mohalla has taken great care of its interior design and cleanliness from the very beginning. You get a different type of atmosphere as soon as you reach there. That’s why this franchise has been able to attract a lot of new customers.

Final words on the Success Story of Food Mohalla

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