TCS Ninja Job Profile – All You Want to Know About It

TCS Ninja Job Profile Preparation Guide

As we all know that whenever you start your career with TCS then you will most probably be assigned a job profile of TCS Ninja or TCS Digital.

Actually, both of these job profiles are known as entry-level profiles for working in TCS and as both job profiles have great job security, many Indian youngsters nowadays want to start their careers with the same. 

However, it is also true that the majority of them are unaware both of the Ninja and Digital job profiles, and also there is not so much information about the same is available on the internet.

That is why we are writing in-depth on the same job profile so that freshers can access the most up-to-date and correct information.

How to get in TCS Ninja Job Profile?

To secure a position in TCS’s Ninja job profile, you must first have to clear the NQT test conducted by the company which is held in various locations around the country.

If you have an excellent understanding of reasoning and verbal communication skills in addition to your technical skills then you can easily crack this examination.

The unique feature of the NQT test is that if you pass this test with excellent grades then you will be eligible to qualify for a position at TCS Digital, where you will be paid twice in comparison to the TCS Ninja job profile. 

After clearing the NQT test th you will have to clear a technical interview. If you are comfortable with your technical skills then believe us that you can easily clear this interview.

After the technical interview, you may be obliged to give a special interview to the HR department, during which you will be asked questions about yourself and the company by the HR department.

If you have excellent communication and verbal skills, you can also clear this interview very easily. 

Training Period in TCS Ninja Job Profile

TCS provides you an offer letter to work from their side if you pass both the NQT test and the interview.

TCS understands the need of training new employees before assigning their direct work on any project.

This is the main reason why the company has introduced a new training program for both the Ninja and Digital job profiles, where all the new fresher engineers have been provided training for almost one year to make them experts in their work domain. 

During training, the person who works in the TCS Ninja job profile is referred to as an Assistant System Development Trainee.

However, after completing the first one-year training, he gets promoted to the position of Assistant System Development Engineer in the company, where he would be responsible for a great deal of work.

Salary Package in TCS Ninja Job Profile

TCS is currently offering a compensation package ranging from 3.3 lakh to 3.7 lakh for the Pay-scale for the assistant engineer’s job profile.

Exactly how much money you’ll get from the range of this salary package is entirely dependent on how well you perform in the NQT test and in the interview.

In addition to this,  It is also important for you to understand that this salary package is actually reflecting your CTC, and your In-hand salary definitely will be less than this.

When you are in training for the position of Assistant Development Engineer, you will be provided a monthly in-hand salary ranging from 16K to 18K by TCS.

After your training term is completed, you can expect to earn between 23K and 26K per month in this job profile.

The company also provides you with medical insurance for you and your family, a food card,  travel allowance, Provident Fund, and Gratuity services in addition to this in-hand salary package. 

Things You will Learn in a TCS Ninja Job Profile

Another noteworthy feature of TCS is that approximately 80% of the company’s projects have already been developed and their team only works on maintenance-related issues, while the company has as of now 20% of the projects are in such a position where the actual development work is conducted.

The simple reality is that if you join the organization under the TCS Ninja profile, you will not be given the opportunity to work on a development project. But it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of learning anything new.

For example, if you have the opportunity to work on a decent maintenance project, you will get knowledge on a variety of topics.

Final Conclusion on TCS Ninja Job Profile

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