What is PAT Job Profile in Cognizant?

We all know that Cognizant is a leading company in the world of software development. It is the dream of almost every engineer in India to start their career with this company. However few of them are actually able to achieve the same.

See, we all know that whenever you join this company named Kyongizant, you are initially given a job position named PAT. The full name of PAT is Programmer Analyst Trainee. Let us now try to understand in detail this job profile.

All You Want to Know About PAT Job Profile

The full name of PAT is Programmer Analyst Trainee. Right from the name itself, you should know that this position in the company is given when you are in training ie probation period.

In Generally Cognizant, your probation period lasts for about 1 year. During this 1 year, you are taught about various things in the company and after 1 year if your performance is satisfactorily then in the company you are given the position of PA instead of PAT. The full name of PA is Programmer Analyst.

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After moving from PAT to PA, there is not much change in your salary, but it proves one thing that your manager is happy with your work.

After working for about 3 years in the position of PA, you are given the post of Associate and with this, the responsiveness of your work also increases. Along with the responsiveness, your salary also increases.

In the research on this topic, I have liked an answer written on the platform Quora very much, and I want to share the same with you all.

This is entirely dependent on the project you are given, the team you are assigned to, and whether you are on the bench or not.

Project- If you’re on a good project, you’ll have as much fun as you can. As a PAT, you will receive KT (Knowledge Training) for your specific project job. Your team can teach you more and more. Work will be assigned to you based on your talents. I’ve seen PAT loaded with all the work in certain projects. (This is common in Ramp down initiatives).

Team: If you have a good team, you will be successful. Everything will proceed according to plan. Every team member will be pleased to assist you in any manner they can. You and your teammates can participate in all outdoor activities. You’ll be able to strike the optimal balance between work and personal obligations.

Bench: The worst place to be is on a bench. There will be no job for you; you will just go to the workplace and return. Your life will not take a certain path. It will be enjoyable at first to remain idle, but as the bench duration grows longer, you will become annoyed. Other technologies will be taught to you. Everything will be in disarray. My advice is to start working on a new project as soon as you arrive at the bench.

Final Conclusion on PAT Job Profile in Cognizant

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