What is International Blogging and How to do it?

What is International Blogging?

Friends, we all know that if you want to make money online then blogging and Youtubing are the best and most popular options that are available right now.

The Indian blogging industry is growing rapidly that’s why this market has been becoming extremely competitive, and many bloggers are struggling to earn a good amount of money despite giving their best efforts.

Bloggers are now available in approximately every home in India, and as a result, a significant amount of information has already been written on every subject of blogging in India, and the topics of virtually all blogging approaches in India are also very overloaded. Many bloggers feel that blogging is dead in India, however, the truth is quite different.

Friends, if you want to make money from blogging in the current time, you must think outside the box. And that is the only reason why today I will discuss one of the topics of blogging that very few Indian digital marketers are familiar and the name of this blogging’s topic is international blogging. 

So, in this article, I am going to tell you and everything about International Blogging via this article. If you really want to earn more money through blogging, please read this article till the end because it will definitely help you a lot.

What is International Blogging and How to do it?

What is International Blogging?

I’d want to ask you a question. Why do we create websites in the first place? Obviously, that website generates revenue for us.

However, we all know that when traffic from India comes to your website, you get a very low CPC and that is also one of the reasons you are unable to earn as much as you would like through your website. 

However, you need to understand that when traffic arrives from western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom on your blog or website then, your CPC will be quite high, and your earnings will be very significant.  

That is why Indian bloggers tell you to refers to the process of attempting to acquire traffic from international countries to earn a decent amount of money from blogging. 

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Things to take care while doing the International Blogging

To earn money with the help of international blogging, you have to take great care of two things, the first of which is to search the keywords correctly and write the right type of content on a particular keyword and the second thing is the name of your domain. Let us now try to explain to you both these things in detail.

What is International Blogging and How to do it?

Choosing Proper Keyword

When you want to generate traffic from an international audience to your blog, one thing that becomes very important is that you must have to conduct thorough keyword research.

International traffic will only come to your site if you address the answer to the query that is actually asked in that particular country or region. 

If you own a cricket site and write about Sachin Tendulkar, you will undoubtedly get the most traffic from India; however, if you write about an England cricketer, such as Kevin Pieterson then It’s possible that if your post went viral then you’ll definitely get a considerable amount of traffic from the United Kingdom and other western countries too. 

So, from the preceding example, you should have learned pretty quickly that if you want to obtain traffic on your website from a specific domain, you must focus on keyword research and have to publish excellent content for the particular query. 

The Domain Name

If you want to get traffic to your blog from all over the world by practicing international blogging, you must understand that your domain name is quite crucial in this process, which I will explain in detail and will also provide extremely useful knowledge about the same. 

Friends, Google has stated that the domain name is never considered in their ranking criteria and that the top-level domain is always ranked extremely well without any bias.

But we all know that when we search a keyword in any country’s search engine then it comes out of the list of the website that has a domain name of the particular region like .us, .ca, .in, etc. 

Here’s a pro tip: if you truly want to make money with online blogging, no matter which niche you targeting through your website, always choose a domain name that ends with .com because this kind of domain name is termed as the commercial domain and also it ranks worldwide. 

Final Words on What is International Blogging

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