What is Gig Rate Card in Zomato?

Friends, we all know that in today’s time, if you want to earn maximum money by working in the unorganized sector, then Zomato Delivery Boy can prove to be really a very good option. The condition is that you have to do your work with full honesty and dedication.

We all also know very well that in today’s time Zomato Delivery Boy’s job has become such an option that fulfills the job requirements of many young individuals. Under this job, you have to reach people’s homes and deliver food to them. Believe me, I have also seen some such food delivery boys who do really good work and earn more than 30000 money a month very easily.

Whenever you join Zomato as a food delivery boy, you are given a rate card. If you do not know what a rate card is, then please read the following article and increase your information even more.

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However, now Zomato has decided to apply the system of new rate card by closing its normal rate card and the name of this rate card will be gig rate card. Kindly please read the whole article to know more about Gig Rate Card through this article.

What is Gig Rate Card?

Look, all of you must have heard about the gig economy.

If you have not heard about this economy, then we want to tell you that it is such a system of the economy where a particular person is paid according to the work done by him.

You can also compare the same thing with the freelancing service too.

In freelancing clients acquire the services of the freelancers for the particular work and later on they pay them for the what work they had done for them.

So, now Zomato has decided to implement the same system in their entire food delivery system and now the delivery boys will be hired according to the need and also payment will be done according to work done by them.

Due to the implementation of the gig economy, the company has now banned the normal rate card and has launched new gig rate cards, which you will soon see in the application of delivery boys.

What is special in it?

With the launch of the Gig Rate Card, riders working part-time will get a lot of conveniences. We all know that in today’s time, many people are doing their regular job as well as part-time delivery boy job to earn more money.

Riders working part-time under Gig Rate Card can work any time subject to the condition that they will have to book their separate slots to work as Delivery Boy. Zomato has also clarified that if a rider cancels the slot already booked, then he may have to pay a significant amount as a fine too. (This looks quite interesting)

However, from here we can easily determine one thing and that thing is that if a rider works with honesty and dedication, then he can earn a lot of money even after working part-time.

We all know that in today’s time of inflation, almost every company is implementing the system of the gig economy to save their cost. In such a situation, if you also want to earn a lot of money by working part-time on Zomato, then this can prove to be a good opportunity for you too.

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