What is Farmers Cooperative Society? How it actually works?

Friends, As we all know that cooperative society is formed by some common group of people, who have similar kinds of interests and requirements.

Basically, it works like a social organization rather than working as a business model. But only its members are allowed to do any kind of activities in it.

In India, there are several kinds of Cooperative Societies that are already available. People from various types of cooperative societies according to their needs.

Cooperative societies are the most important part of the Indian economy and that’s why it has its own importance.

The cooperative societies are classified into the different types according to their mode of formation and purpose of that society.

Few types of cooperative society has been mentioned here.

  1. General cooperative society
  2. Credit cooperative society.
  3. Housing cooperative society.
  4. Farmers cooperative society

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Nevertheless, we are here going to discuss farmers cooperative society in detail with one of the best examples that no one has told you before.

Please stick with this article to know more about the farmers cooperative society in detail.

What is Farmer Cooperative Society?

As the name suggests, we can easily understand that this type of cooperative society is associated with farmers. So it is quite easy to understand this type of cooperative society.

When a group of farmers comes together voluntarily to form any kind of business organization to enhance their revenue and productivity.

Now you might be wondering that what farmers have to do with any kind of business-related activities. Instead of doing business, they should focus more on farming-related activities. Right?

Then mate your thinking is totally wrong and absolutely rubbish for the farmers.

I will tell you why farmers creates a farmers cooperative society in a latter part of this article.

Suppose there are 3 farmers are doing individual farming related activities in their own acquired land.

But the actual problem is when they do individual farming, they all are not able to use an adequate part of land due to one or another reason like due to boundaries, roads between the farms, etc.

The individual kind of farming has a drawback of less quantity of production and ultimately less amount of revenue one can earn from it.

These kinds of problems are usually faced by the small farmers on a regular basis compared to the well-settled farmers who have a decent amount of agricultural land.

Born Idea of farmers cooperative society

It is very important to bring an end to all these problems. This is the reason why many small farmers together establish a cooperative society.

The aim of this society is to earn more money by producing more quantity of cultivated crop.

Usually, all the farmers associated with Farmers cooperative society collectively use their land for cultivation. Due to this production of cereals also increase.

In earlier times it used to happen that when a farmer used to do individual farming, he could not able to get more price from the market for his cultivated crop.

But this problem has also come to an end with the formation of farmers Cooperative Society.

Usually farmers cooperative society itself decides the price rate of any cultivated crop and market has to buy it on that price only.

I think from the above mentioned points it is quite clear that how farmers cooperative society works and why it is really very important for the farmers as well as consumers.

Final words on What is Farmers Cooperative Society?

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