What is Cognizant Internship Stipend?

Internships provide all Campus choices with the chance to gain business readiness before joining Cognizant. Each intern devotes a specified number of training hours to fundamental skills, hands-on experience, and behavioral learning.

Additionally, throughout the project phase, you will work on business-aligned use cases as part of their project component, as well as essential training to build more confidence in technological domains.

As we all know, Cognizant is a major software engineering firm, therefore if you have the opportunity to perform an internship with them, do it without thinking about the outcomes or your shyness.

Many individuals have a lot of confusion about whether they will get a stipend during an internship in Cognizant or not. Let us try to answer this particular question today with the help of this article.

Cognizant Internship Stipend

To those who do not know much about this particular topic, I want to tell you this thing clear you are given a stipend during your internship at Cognizant.

You get around 12 thousand rupees every month during the time of this internship.

By the way, the company has clearly written in its policy that it gives 12000 rupees every month to its intern still they deduct some taxes on this internship stipend amount and that’s why you are not going to get the whole 12 thousand money as your in-hand amount and there will definitely be some deduction in it.

See here one more thing you should keep in mind the stipend will be deposited directly into your account and because of this, it becomes very necessary for you to give your PAN card details to the company.

That’s why you must have to make sure that you must have your official PAN Card in your documentation.

See, you might be feeling that whatever amount you are getting during your internship in Cognizant is very less, but believe that in the initial phase of your career, money should not matter to you at all.

Rather, you should focus on how many skills you are getting to learn during your internship and for that, you need a steer dedication.

Do you know if a manager likes your performance during your internship, then you can also get a permanent job in Cognizant if he recommends your name for further hiring?

That’s why your primary focus should be on learning new skills and applying it in your career advancement.

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