What is Byju’s Neo Classes?

Byju’s Neo Classes

As we all know that in today’s time Byju’s is one of the most reputed and favorite online educational platforms in India.

This has been happened due to the constant efforts of the platform’s team especially in marketing and in the launching of new educational products day by day.

Although Byju’s team is well-versed with the fact that in recent times if they have to sustain in the online educational market then they have to make some uniqueness in their platform which has the ability to grab the attention of so many students.

They are doing this so that it can make themself ahead in competition in the educational market in comparison of Unacademy and Upgrade. In fact, Unacademy is still the biggest threat to Byju’s whole business model as their educational concept is so basic and focuses more on students rather than doing all the advanced things.

Byju’s has once again launched another new educational product in order to compete with its biggest competitors Unacademy and Upgrade and named it Neo Classes. Let us today try to give you important information about these neo classes with the help of this professional article written by our team.

Byju’s Neo Classes Review

If you are thinking that Byju’s Neo Classes can be a very phenomenal feature then you might be completely wrong as these Neo classes are nothing but an updated version of Byju’s old educational classes.

Well, we have mentioned in one of our articles named “Disadvantages of Byju’s” is that this educational platform is not providing live classes and facilitating students with already pre-recorded lectures.

In comparison to Byju’s its competitors named Unacademy and Upgrade are already providing the facility of live educational lectures which eventually helps students to clarify their doubts at a time and this is the main reason why Unacademy’s lectures are considered way ahead in comparison of Byju’s.

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However, Byju’s has also realized its mistake after a long time and this is the main reason why this educational platform is also taking some new steps towards providing the facility of live classes to its students, and Neo classes are nothing but the result of this efforts.

Reality Check

According to the management of Biju’s, in Neo Classes, you will get the facility of the 2 teachers. Let’s try and check the reality of this thing in detail.

When our team was researching about the features of neo classes then they came to know that this 2 teaches facility in the live lectures is nothing but crap.

In the lectures of Neo Classes, no tutor is teaching you to live, rather they are using the same old pre-recorded lectures and enrolled a live teacher in it with the purpose of solving doubts.

In this way, they are claiming that they are actually providing the facility of two teachers at the same time which is totally just for attention-grabbing only.

Even so many students have registered their complaints about the same is that the live teacher who is actually solving their doubts is occasionally asking themselves that they must ask their questions at the end of the video only and this is the biggest concern for them.

BYJU'S launches new initiative to encourage digital learning - Times of  India

Overall, in one word we can tell you that there is nothing new in the neo classes because already so many educational platforms are providing the facility of live online doubt-solving on their platform.

Final Conclusion on Byju’s Neo Classes

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