What Is Byju’s Business Development Associate Job Description?

Byju’s Business Development Associate Job Description

We are all aware that Byju’s has become a trusted brand in India’s online education sector. Byju’s main purpose is to make money by selling educational content courses.

To do so, Byju’s has hired a huge team, and there is already a job profile for this role called BDA. The BDA stands for Business Development Associate in its full form.

By the way, every company has a position for a Business Development Manager but the profile of the business development manager is quite unique and the person has too much responsibility on his/her shoulder. 

By the way, as can be seen, the salary in the job profile of Byju’s Business Development Associate is also very good, and somebody in this position can easily earn up to 10 lakhs p.a.

According to the salary conditions of this job profile, you will be paid a fixed annual salary of Rs 7 lakh, with an additional incentive of Rs 3 lakh based on your performance.

Byju's Business Development Associate Job Description
Byju’s Business Development Associate Job Description

Today, through this article, we will try to give you some very important information about the job description of Biju’s Business Development Executive.

Byju’s Business Development Associate Job Description

When a business development executive is hired, his primary goal is to increase the company’s revenue in any situation, which is why this position is so important in every organization.

In fact, in many product-selling companies, the person in this position is paid well so that he can work efficiently and effectively to achieve the further goals of the company. 

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How To Crack Byju’s BDA Interview?

If we talk about Byjus, then as we have already said that Byjus sells a lot of educational content by making it and for this reason, the main work of BDA of Byjus is also of course selling.

If you have a talent for convincing people to do anything you want and have outstanding communication skills, this job profile could be ideal for you.

(1) Start Following Your Lead

As we previously stated, whenever you join Byju’s BDA profile, you will be provided a lead from the team Byju’s.

This lead will contain the names, phone numbers, and other contact information of Byju’s potential clients. Apart from that, you will be given the address and some other necessary details too with all these leads. 

The lead provided by the team of Byju’s is really very valuable because it was captured using industry-leading lead generation technology by the technical team of the company. 

You can also get very accurate details by effortlessly tracking all of a user’s activity with this software.

Byju’s technical support team provides you with a login id for this lead generation software, and with the help of this software system, you can easily track a student’s interaction with Byju’s application and his purchase pattern.  

As soon as the company assigns you a lead, you must use this software to shortlist your potential consumers, then call them and provide counseling.

(2) Start Providing Counseling to Students and Parents

As we previously stated, you can simply sell the company’s product with each lead generated by Byju’s lead generation software, but you will need to call and counsel all of those potential clients.

Suppose if one student is watching a video of some particular chapter from Byju’s application’s free courses then you may quickly dial that client’s phone number and can help them with proper guidance. 

If you truly want to succeed in this job profile of Byju’s then you must commit a significant amount of time to counsel both parents and students, because if you perform well here then your chances of converting that customer into your potential client increase really well. 

During counseling, you have to focus more on the parents along with the child because you will also get money from the parents to buy the course.

(3) Tell them about the company’s educational courses

Always keep in mind that whenever you provide counseling to parents or students then you should provide counseling in such a way that you can eventually sell the company’s education course.

When counseling a customer, bear in mind that your goal is to use the product’s advantage to address the customer’s problem rather than to sell the product.

However, you must bear in mind that you must provide information about the company’s educational courses in such a way that the parents are eager to purchase it as soon as they hear about it. Your ability to communicate and persuade others is really important in this process.

Final Conclusion on Byju’s Business Development Associate Job Description

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