What is Byju’s BDA Training? – All You want to know about it

Byju’s BDA Training

Friends, we all know how important the position of Business Development Associate in Byjus is. In fact, in today’s time, this job profile is one of the highest-paying jobs in the educational sector.

That is the main reason why the number of young people is undergoing this profession. If you are a graduate student looking to pursue a career in sales and marketing then this job profile may be ideal for you.

Friends, if you really want to work in the field of education and want to earn a decent income through incentives in addition to your regular salary then Byju’s BDA job profile may be a perfect match for you.

If you’re interested in joining Byjus’ BDA job profile then you can find out everything you need to know by clicking on the link below.

How To Crack Byju’s BDA Interview?

Before you get selected for the position of Business Development Associate at Byju’s, you will have to complete the eight weeks of training from the Byju’s team.

The best thing about this training is that you will be taught everything about your job profile, and if you complete this training period smoothly then you will be selected for the BDA’s profile at Byjus.

Today, we will strive to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the training process and we are quite sure that this article is going to help you a lot and that’s why we urge you to read this article till the end. 

Byju’s BDA Training – What is this?

We all know that if we want to become proficient in any field, we must first learn about that field so that we may earn a good living by doing so in the future.

The primary responsibility of a Business Development Associate at Byju’s is to raise the company’s revenue by selling various educational courses to the students and that is why the training is very necessary for this job profile. 

Before recruiting any person directly for the job position of BDA, Byju’s team designed a training process for newly joining employees within the system of an induction program.

According to the guidelines outlined in this program, it is essential for any new employee to complete this training period to get hired by the company. This training period designed by the team of Byju’s is having a time period of almost 8 weeks. 

What is the actual format of this training program?

This training program is divided into two parts and is led by Byju’s team.

First Face of Training

The first phase consists of a two-week induction program during which a new fresher is informed about the company’s mission and vision, as well as all of the company’s educational courses.

Along with this, during this time your ID is also generated on the Selling Portal of Byju’s, and with the help of this portal, you can also keep the track record of your work very easily.

The newly hired individual must have to attend multiple video sessions on Zoom calls from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. throughout the first two weeks.

In all of these sessions, they are given precise guidelines on how to communicate with customers, how to persuade them to purchase the course, and how to follow up with potential customers.

Every fresher joining Byju’s benefits a lot from this training and we have heard this from the mouths of many BDAs themselves.

2nd Phase of the Training

After finishing the initial two weeks of training, you will be assigned a lead from Byju’s team, it will provide you with contact details on a plethora of different consumers.

You must call all of the consumers and have to convince them to purchase Byju’s educational courses via your communicational skills.

This process should last approximately 6 weeks, and you will receive roughly 50 potential leads per week from the team of Byju’s, which you must follow up with in order to sell the course to them.

What is Byju's BDA Training? what is Byjus BDA Traning Salary?

Byju’s BDA Training Salary

Many people also have one misconception is that whenever you start training with Byjus, you will not be paid, but this is not true at all because you will be paid almost 21 thousand rupees each month even during the training period. Also during your training tenure, you will also start getting incentives.

Let’s say if you sell a one-lakh-rupee educational course to someone and the Byju team will give you a ten-thousand-rupee incentive almost 10 percent of that course fees. 

During this training, you must keep in mind that you must sell at least four courses or courses that having a value of at least two lakhs during the second phase of six weeks of training, and if you are unable to do so, your chances of being picked for the Byju’s BDA profile may get vanished.  

Final Conclusion on What is Byju’s BDA Training

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