What is a Selfie Feature in Zomato Delivery Application?

Zomato is India’s largest food delivery system as this company is providing its service in almost all major and known cities of India. Zomato is literally expanding its business overall in India and that’s why its management is recruiting maximum numbers of food delivery boys in order to meet the expectations of all the customers.

Zomato has created one special application to manage its riders. Riders have to do all the activities in this application only in order to receive the order and delivery it to a particular customer’s location. This application basically works on artificial intelligence systems.

For a long time, there are many complaints of delivery boys received by Zomato regarding various issues of its delivery boys, like orders not being delivered on time, pathetic behavior of delivery boy, etc, etc. That is why zomato has made this application to track all the activities of its delivery boys during their working hours.

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There are huge numbers of employees are working to control all the activities of delivery boy. The main motive of zomato is to give the best quality of service to its customers and retain them for a very long time. That’s why zomato is spending lots of money on its marketing strategies and application development.

What is Zomato Selfie System?

There is no shortage of people doing fraud in India. Despite making so many rules and regulations, some people are still doing fraudulent activities by taking advantage of the loopholes of the system.

Something similar happened with Zomato in the beginning. Zomato had received many such complaints that the ID assigned by them to a particular person is being used by some other rider.

This fraudulent was happening just because zomato has no system to track all the activities of its riders. That’s why zomato has launched a selfie feature to identify its riders.

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According to this feature, zomato is randomly asking its delivery boy to submit their live selfie to check the actual identity of its riders. Also, they have added a feature that riders must have to take a selfie while wearing masks and zomato delivery T-shirts given to them.

This system is considered as one of the most prime features of zomato delivery applications as it can be used to stop all kinds of fraudulent activities around zomato’s ecosystem. Also, this feature can also help zomato to identify its rides easily.

Penalty charges on missing selfies in delivery application

The best thing about the selfie feature enabled by zomato is that it has made it mandatory for all the delivery boys to submit their selfies, whenever the system asks to submit them.

If any rider fails to do the same then zomato will definitely impose some certain amount of penalty and cut it from their regular payments. That’s why the selfie system is considering a revolution for the zomato delivery partners.

Here are some charges imposed by Zomato whenever its delivery boy misses any selfies in particular scenarios.

If delivery boy hasn't wear a mask while taking selfie, then zomato can him/her a penalty worth rupees 30 to 50 rupees. Previously this rule was actually not applicable to delivery partners. But zomato actually enables this rule post covid-19 pandemic. 

If the delivery boy is not wearing a Zomato T-shirt while submitting the selfie, he may have to pay a penalty of up to Rs 50-70. So we suggest every riders to always wear a zomato's red T-shirt in order to secure yourself from getting any kind of penalties from Zomato.

If the delivery boy is not wearing both a mask and a T-shirt while submitting the selfie, he may have to pay a penalty of Rs 100 to Rs 150 to zomato.

Many delivery boys also say that this selfie system of Zomato asks to submit the photo of Zomato’s red bag. Usually, you are asked to submit the photo of that bag when you are actually assigned with a sensitive order like cakes, pastries, or Icecreams.

But if you do not submit the photo of the bag in the Zomato Rider application, then you may have to pay a penalty of up to 400 rupees. So, we always suggest you always carry a Zomato’s red bag while delivering the order, in order to save yourself from penalties from zomato.

We really hope that all your doubts related to the selfie system got cleared via this article. Hope this article will definitely going to help you.

Final Words on Selfie Feature in Zomato Delivery Application

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