What if the Nordic Countries United?

What if the Nordic Countries United?

The Nordic countries are frequently held in high regard. In terms of human development, living standards, and economic power, they are among the best countries in the world.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are the five sovereign states that make up this region. There are other independent districts and territories inside the monarchy of Denmark, such as the Pharaoh Islands and Greenland.

These five countries have a total population of 27.5 million people. The Scandinavian countries are sparsely inhabited. They would have a population density of roughly 7.6 persons per kilometer squared if they were combined, making them one of the least densely populated countries on the planet.

The economy size of this region would be a very impressive 1.8 trillion us dollars which would place them in the top 10 in the world giving them a similar economy size to that of South Korea.

GDP and Human Development Index

GDP per capita of this country will be close to 67000 us dollars which would rank them 15th in the world which is extremely impressive as most of the countries at the top of this list are small extremely wealthy nations like Monaco hong kong and Liechtenstein.

The area size of this country would be around 3.4 million kilometers squared which would make it the seventh biggest country on earth placing them above India and below Australia.

So, first and foremost,

In the human development index, all five countries rank in the top 11, with Norway taking the top spot as the most developed nation on the planet.

In the corruption index, Denmark takes the top spot as the least corrupt nation on the planet, with only Iceland letting them down. In the fragile state index, Finland, Norway, and Iceland rank first, second, and third, respectively.

Huge Military Size

Denmark is the happiest and second happiest country in the world. There is one country that would be pulling its weight significantly more than other nations when it comes to military personnel: Finland.

The military forces of the Nordic countries total 1.1 million people. Finland would contribute 900,000 people. Iceland would give the least because it does not have an official military force and is estimated to have only 130 people.

Iceland, on the other hand, is still a NATO member. Despite the fact that it has no troops to offer, it possesses extremely valuable airspace that would greatly benefit NATO. Okay, enough facts for now; we can easily see that these nations are all incredibly successful.

if they were to merge together they will be an economical powerhouse all whilst offering their citizens some of the highest living standards in the world.

The Capitalism Will Increase

The term “nordic model” refers to the unique combination of free-market capitalism and social benefits that has resulted in a society with plentiful high-quality services such as free education and health care.

These benefits are paid for by the residents of these countries, or taxpayers, who have a high level of trust in their government, allowing them to work together to achieve compromises and solve societal problems through democratic processes.

Simply told, these countries have among of the world’s highest tax rates, so they potentially collect high revenue from taxes themselves.

Final Conclusion on What if the Nordic Countries United

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