What Happened with Zomato Delivery Boy Eating Customer Food?

Friends, we all know that Zomato is that the largest company in the world of food delivery in India. Thanks to Zomato, today we get food very easily sitting in our homes. Zomato has appointed numerous delivery boys to deliver the food on time to its customers.

But we all know that there are two sorts of people within the world, one who do their work honestly and the other who are dishonest in their work. That’s why zomato has launched numerous systems to trace the performance of its delivery boys.

Even, Nowadays zomato is taking all the complaints associated with its delivery boys as its main aim is to supply the most effective service to its customers via providing the simplest and fastest quality of service on time.

Two years ago, a video of one of the Zomato delivery boys went viral on social media. In this video, zomato deliveryman was clearly seen eating the food of customers in an alone place.

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After eating little food from each packet, he again packed that food material and delivered the same to the customers. When this video went viral on the social media platforms then zomato company faced too many allegations from its customers.

What happened with that delivery boy?

When that video of the delivery boy went viral, the Zomato company became a joke material amongst the people of India. Many people raised their questions regarding the safety of food against the zomato company.

But we all know that Zomato is a customer-oriented company and it wants to give the best service to its customers. That is the reason why zomato immediately formed one investigation committee to investigate furthermore on that particular case.

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However, Zomato believed in the famous quote “Innocent until proven guilty” They do not take any strict action on that food delivery boy until their investigation not gets completed.

But as soon as it came to know in the investigation report that the video is real and the delivery boy is the main culprit then zomato took one strong decision and terminate that delivery boy immediately.

What Happened Next?

Zomato is very loyal to its customers. After this dispute with the delivery boy, many people had also raised questions about its security. Many of its customers actually stopped using Zomato after this controversy. However, zomato was smart enough to handle this dispute by removing that delivery boy.

After this dispute, Zomato also apologized in front of its customers through one of its blog posts. In this blog post, Zomato had mentioned very clearly that this incident was a very rare one and they will try to take full care that it should never happen again in the future.

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Along with this, Zomato had promised its customers after this incident that they will improve their packing system as well and they also have done the same. Recently, If you see its packaging then you can actually find out that it is one of the best packaging systems for food delivery.

Final Words on Zomato Delivery Boy Eating Customers Food.

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