What are the Some Disadvantages of Unacademy?

Disadvantages of Unacademy

We are all aware that Unacademy has become a leading name in the domain of online education in India, and therefore that millions of Indian youngsters are now studying online from here as part of an educational journey.

By the way, if seen then there are so many benefits one can avail by just studying online on Unacademy, but it is also true that there are some major drawbacks are also available on this platform.

This is the main reason why we will tell you what the major disadvantages of Unacademy are through this valuable article. Kindly please read this article, till the end to know more about the same.

Disadvantages of Unacademy

(1) Too many Educators on a Single Platform

The unique feature of Unacademy’s online educational platform is that there is a huge number of educators are already available upon that.

In fact, you may have noticed that you will have access to the services of numerous educators on this platform to study the very same subject.

Having more educators on the same platform can sometimes create a lot of problems because when a new student joins this online educational platform then he does not have any idea that which educators are good and which are bad. So, this thing can actually make a little bit confusing point for him/her.

Many times, due to the presence of more educators, so much content for the same subject became available at the same time where it becomes impossible to ascertain which content is correct and which is not.

(2) Unacademy has become a Paid Platform.

We all know that when Unacademy first launched its online educational platform, it offered all of its video lectures for free for a long time, and as a result, people became addicted to it.

However, as time has passed, Unacademy has shifted its focus to making money and this is the main reason why you must therefore pay for all of the courses that have been uploaded, and only then you will be able to access all the courses.

One fact is that the fees for many courses in Unacademy are very high and due to this many students are not able to afford it. Although many times offers like scholarships and discounts are given by the online educational platform named Unacademy, yet not all needy people get free access to their courses.

Many students also believe that it is better to study using a medium like YouTube than to spend money on Unacademy’s courses.

(3) No Physical Materials Provided by Unacademy

It seems to me that the platform of Unacademy completely believes in digital things and for this reason, even after taking a Plus subscription in its platform, it does not provide any special facility to its students other than live lectures.

In fact, when you join a physical coaching class, at that time you are also provided with many study material but all these things are zero in the story of Unacademy.

But there’s one more thing to keep in mind: whatever online educational platform provides you with study materials, it’s either very expensive or the material isn’t up to standard. Byju’s team offers both online and physical study materials, but the course fee is quite high.

(4) No Refund of Fees

The most significant disadvantage of Unacademy’s platform is that if you do not like the course after paying the fee, you will not receive a refund.

In fact, Unacademy has stated on its homepage that there will be no refund of the actual fee.

Another disadvantage is that no demo lectures are available on this platform; as a result, you should always have such confusion that whether you have to subscribe to a particular course or not?

Final Conclusion on Disadvantages of Unacademy

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